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The compression belly-band use process is as follows:

First kind of station position clothing process:

1st, opens the product, examination product all fittings whether to arrange. Waist belly-band main body, gauze, sandbag, spare suspenders.


2nd, puts in the sandbag.

2 DSC_0152

3rd, pulls sandbag's zipper.

3 DSC_0157

4th, puts in the gauze.

4 DSC_0161

5th, hangs up the spare dull belt's suspension hook.

5 DSC_0167

6th, uses the suspenders fixed waist belly-band above the patient nape of the neck.Sandbag ectocyst stress salient point alignment abdomen point of puncture.

6 DSC_0171

7th, the agglutination compression belly-band magic posts.

7 DSC_0172

8th, the final check adjusts the good loose and tight position.

8 DSC_0127

Second kind of prone position clothing process:

First to the fourth step with on.

5th, compression belly-band salient point alignment point of puncture.

6th, the agglutination compression belly-band's magic posts

7th, adjusts the good position then.

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