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Safety clothes double body posture medical restraint clothing

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Applicable scope

Critically ill (ICU) unconsciousness bed patient, cognition barrier, behavior Disorder The patient, the appraisal have the patient, the dementia who throws down the danger have damage themselves or other people tendency patient

Product characteristic

Double-decked thickens the cotton material cotton material, the dorsal zipper is advantageous puts on escapes, the hand zipper design is advantageous for the observation hand situation, patient double upper limb fixed front or nature sagging body posture. Waist minister brings the prevention clothes to upturn, is also advantageous for fixed Yu Chuanghuo the chair. Used the strong stretching resistance cotton material cotton material tailor to become, intermediate left a blank the design to be able when the restraint formed the simple slipknot, the patient in moves restlessly in the situation more to struggle is tighter, thus has guaranteed the restraint validity.

Anticipated use

Prevents the patient to appear scratches, damages, falls the bed or the cupping, the self-inflicted injury as well as he injuries and so on accidents to occur; Had the serious cognition barrier either (and) has the bodily function barrier patient or the cognition barrier patient has used the medical medical service instrumentation equipment Is pleased in the electricity monitoring meter, the blood vessel leaves alone the needle and so on

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