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  • Wheelchair Seat Belt, To prevent fall
    The old people's health is declining and they are not as good as before. In their daily life, they should pay great attention to their health. Many old people need to rely on wheelchairs for a long time because of their weak health or illness, and they are not able to walk. At this time, they need t   Read More>
  • Neck Pillow U -shape for reducing pressure
    Use of U - shaped pillow:1 ) U - shaped pillow is suitable for daily office and leisure ( e.g. computer operation, TV watching and long-distance travel, etc. );2 ) The U - shaped pillow can also be used for office cushions and naps, and the head and neck of daily office can be kept fixed for a long   Read More>
  • Medical A-001-01/02 Restraint gloves for mental patient senile dementia
    UEX, unplanned extubation, also known as accidental extubation, refers to all kinds of catheters that patients need to stay in their bodies for treatment. Without the consent of medical personnel, patients remove the catheters themselves, or the catheters fall off due to other reasons.There are many   Read More>
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Processing technology

Processing technology
 DONGGUAN MENGTAI NURSING SUPPLY CO;LTD.  is authorizes the be established set research and development, the production, the sale by food Drugs Surveillance Administrative bureau is a body's medical instrument High-tech enterprise. The specialized production ties a belt approximately for 10 years, is the Chinese magnetism controls the restraint to lead leading, the domestic first magnetism controls ties a belt approximately the Manufacturer.

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