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Wheelchair security constraint vest

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Performance structure

Uses the specially made waterproofing lining: Heat-resisting, bears the hypothermia, the wearability, anti-corrosive, the coherence (waterproofing, against oil, antifouling) anti-wet (few dirt may not erasure), the glide (reduced friction);
Built-in high ball packing sponge, reduced pressure average distributed pressure;
According to the kinesiology, mechanics principle, make according to the human body configuration selection different radian different width size's fabric; The reliable solid nylon weaves the belt, may act according to the personal appearance adjustment length, in addition has inserts buckles the dual safeguarding.

Product characteristic

Union mechanics, kinesiology, According to wheelchair characteristic
The unique vest type design, may the valid fixed restraint patient, and can cause the patient upper body holds the erectness body posture.

Anticipated use

 Uses in preventing the cognition function barrier, the body moves the function barrier, the medicine tumbles from the natural difference patient on the wheelchair, crashes, dangerous work and so on glide. Restrains the patient torso fixedly validly, holds the upper body erectness the state.

Applicable scope

Is suitable in the cognition barrier, The body moves the function barrier, the medicine from the natural difference And so on uses wheelchair's patient, carries on the restraint to patient's upper part of the body to be fixed

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