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Liver cirrhosis ascites patient, after abdominal cavity surgery ascites drainage,The intra-abdominal pressure reduces, the visceral vessel expands, easy to cause the hypotension or the shock, must carry on the compression to the abdomen.Usually puts the sandbag compression directly on the point of puncture. WhileMedical treatment and nursing control quality reformThe people living standard's enhancement as well as, its malpractice also day by day unfolds. The first sandbag easy to fall, the compression effect is unstable. Next, the patient can lie down only on the bed, otherwise the ascites easy overflow leakage, to add the infection opportunity. Once more, the patient long time will be in one kind of body posture to feel is very laborious, has the uncomfortableness, will not favor the patient to recover.Guangzhou eighth People's Hospital's teacher has developed one sectionLiver cirrhosis abdominal cavity puncture compression belly-band, by Mongolia extreme nurses Assists to design the production.

Compression belly-band material object + model

Guangzhou eighth People's HospitalIs one, therefore infectious disease preventing and controlling and liver disease complex therapy for characteristic set medical service, teaching, scientific research, prevention health care in a body's municipal hospital. Has the very big authority in this faculty. AfterGuangzhou eight medicinesThe research development design's Mongolian peaceful nursing liver cirrhosis abdominal cavity puncture compression belly-band through the delivery use, the clinical use effect, the echo is good, after causing liver cirrhosis abdominal cavity puncture patient surgery's compression nursing to be standarder, is more valid.

Compression belly-band clinical use

Mongolian peaceful nursing liver cirrhosis abdominal cavity puncture compression belly-band By the sandbag, the gauze, the spare suspenders, the waist belly-band main body five parts are composed. PlaceBelt body1 kilogram sandbag is main the compression function. The sandbag makes the coat with the waterproof medical cloth, puts in again the waist belly-band.Center the sandbag ectocyst designsProtrudes the dot centralism pressure point, in use time is just rightAbdomen point of puncture. The built-in gauze uses in absorbing fewInfiltrates the fluid.The spare suspenders use in the patient walks when hanging on the nape of the neck,Does not need the worry compression sandbag to be able to fall off, but is in the prone position for a long time.

Clothing effect chart:

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