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Mongolian peaceful nursing thing , in which always has one section to elect for you, to let you satisfy!
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  • Q The delirium patient may use magnetism to control ties a belt approximately?

    The delirium patient may use magnetism to control ties a belt approximately?

    Magnetism controls ties a belt causes one kind of restraint apparatus, the target is approximately carries on the protection restraint to the patient, uses to the serious understanding barrier, the bodily function barrier and easy to tumble and so on patient's bodies or the torso carries on the protection restraint to be fixed, prevents and controls under each kind of therapeutics pipeline non-plan to draw out, safeguarding body safeties and so on prevention self-inflicted injury.
    Complete set magnetism controls ties a belt approximately
    The delirium refers to group of syndromes, is also called the acute brain syndrome. The performance for consciousness barrier, the behavior disorderly, does not have the target, the attention to be unable to concentrate. Usually gets up critically ill, the condition fluctuation is obvious. The delirium is not one kind of disease, but causes by many kinds of reasons clinical syndrome. The delirium is the hazard factor which the patient common complication is precisely may distinguish. Needs the further multi-cores and the longitudinal study investigates the delirium the forward prognosis, the prevention and cures the measure.

    The delirium patient is may use Magnetism controls ties a belt approximately Also has the essential use Magnetism controls ties a belt approximately .



  • Q Which the Mongolian Peaceful Nursing Thing Company product's marketing channel as well as do the terminal client have?

    The principal organ has the hospital (the neurology department, the department of neurology, the old age branch,ICU, ER, radiology, department of pediatrics, gynecology department, reshaping branch); Place to give up drug taking; Judicial organ; Jail; Social welfare organizations and so on old folks home; Pharmacy; The home nursing uses.
    Main crowd after psychopath, rehabilitation personnel, alcoholic intoxication personnel, consciousness barrier, bodily function barrier, surgery and so on recovery physical therapy time patients, stroke paralysis crowd, pressure crowds and so on sore patient, acute disease patient.
  • Q Which does the Mongolian Peaceful Nursing Company's main business product have?

    The Mongolian peaceful present main business product is: Magnetism controls ties a belt approximately, the static against pressure sore mattress, medically ties a belt approximately, the medical nursing pad (nurses pad), the heel pad, the malleolus joint anchor (against foot sagging equipment maintenance), old person the chair, restrains the chair, the medical thing, the surgery body posture pad and so on medical nursing thing has custom-made the production.
  • Q Why I do want to make the Mongolian peaceful nursing dealer?

    Encourages as well as the middle-aged person and old person team's strength along with the national policy, the market nurses the product regarding old person the demand also gradually to add. First I take charge of the product dedicated production10The year, the product undergoes the clinical trial. At present the company has many item of national monopolies, many patterns product has the honor to receive Guangdong Province high-tech product title. Magnetism controls ties a belt is the domestic only patent brand approximately, is the fill domestic gap item, “ APN ” for common enterprise registered trademark; Next we are a Production plant, may give most directly the most specialized service. Provides the most source for the company the service; Most important we have the integrity price system, guarantees the dealer profit the maximization;
  • Q The Mongolian peaceful nursing product quality has the safeguard?

    I take charge of do not reduce the product technical performance, the change product needed materials achieve the profit the model. This department believed that the quality is a lifeline, undergoes the corresponding test and the clinical trial regarding each section of product.
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