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The lattice opens the mouth the medical senior citizen multi-purpose against cupping restraint glove


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  • A-005-01

  • APN

  • Material: Cotton material cotton material

Product luminescent spot

Two-sided is the lattice, the permeability is high.

Product characteristic

1) user upper limb various joints may move freely, avoid because of many complications which applies the brake to cause;
2) the user finger joint moves when because of foundation plate's mask, but cannot the job, maximum limit avoid having behaviors and so on cupping;
3) this hand fixed wrap (wave board) foundation plate by elastic revertex framing, even if the user makes an effort to whip the protective covering, the foundation plate cannot burst, the hand because of will also not vibrate is injured;
4) the protective covering double-decked is the ventilation nettings makes, attracts the perspiration to be strong, skill place Canada has the cushioning, when avoids both hands move because of the skin which rubs causes suffering injury;
5) may begin using spare to the high risk patient ties a belt approximately;

6) Front end the protective covering is equipped with the aperture, is advantageous observes the user finger end blood circulation condition and the hand skin situation in the clinical nurse, is also suitable the blood oxygen to monitor meter's use;
7) easy to clean the disinfection, may use repeatedly, has the environment-protective;

Product use

Uses in preventing the state of mind to blur and to be agitated has the medical pipeline patient restlessly, has the self-inflicted injury behavior patient to prevent the hand organization to damage temporary fixed, causes the patient upper limb to be possible to move freely, promotes the body blood circulation, and can prevent the non-planed cupping.

Is suitable fuzzily in the state of mind, is agitated has the medical pipeline patient restlessly;Has the cupping history patient;Has the self-inflicted injury behavior patient;

Use process

First appraises the hand skin situation: Whether integrity, breakage, dropsy. Has one's eyes tested and wear glasses “the wave board” the method:
1) opens the Moroccan technique to post first, puts in gently the hand, the control posts to the foundation plate, the thumb puts in the relevant position separately with other four fingers;      
2) Pastes on the magic according to the skill size to post, the loose allowance take puts a finger as a standard;
3) The finger may move suitably, the wrist department, the elbow department has not been limited;
4) may begin using spare to the high risk cupping patient ties a belt approximately the patient upper limb fixes suitably in the hand nearby sides of the bed;
after 5) uses, soaks 30 minutes with 1000mg/L including the chlorine disinfection fluid to use the clear water flushing to be clean again, does spare coolly.

Matters needing attention

before 1) uses, exams various spots to be whether reliable;
2) needs to carry on based on patient's condition wears;
3) the patient wears when like appears local ill, gives the appropriate readjustment;
4) The magic posts should not be ties up excessively tightly, should guarantee the magic to post between leaves leeway a finger's space with the skill department.
5)The least every two hours loosen the protective covering, the examination blood circulation and the skin condition, and pay attention the unusual circumstance.  

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