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Dementia Safety Restraint Gloves Prevent Finger Harm Fixed Gloves for Medical Restraints Patient Elderly


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  • A-005-01/02

  • MengTai

  • Size: L\M code
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Mesh, PP board, cotton cloth, plastic buckle, fixe

Product Description

Applicable to the crowd
to help moderate and severe agitation patients to prevent unplanned extubation, suitable for use in summer
【Product Role】
For the temporary fixation of the hand, cover the hand's grasping function, to prevent unplanned pulling out of therapeutic tubes, to avoid scratching the skin
Scope of Use
Therapeutic tubes need to prevent unplanned extraction, patients with self-scratching behavior
【Method of use】 1, according to the patient's hand size to choose the appropriate size (conventional women for the medium size, men for the large size, height greater than 170CM women choose large size, height less than 160CM men choose medium size) 2、Open the buckle, gently put your hand into the glove, with the palm of your hand sticking to the adhesive base plate, and put your thumb and the other four fingers into the corresponding position of the "V" area. Adjust the buckle and Velcro according to the size of your wrist, the tightness should be based on putting one finger. 3. The agitated person can use the wrist spare webbing to fix the patient's upper limb on the bed edge parallel to the hand or other fixed support such as wheelchair. Safe use of special instructions]: the use of this product, should avoid wearing hard objects (such as: diamond rings, watches and other jewelry), please remove and properly stored, skin disease patients, bleeding symptoms, tumor patients, open trauma, please use under the guidance of a doctor!
Extremely irritable and normal muscle strength patients are prohibited.
【Applications】 Critical care medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, geriatrics, etc. with therapeutic pipeline patients or patients at risk of scratching
Precautions 1. Avoid contact with sharp objects and corrosive solutions, clean and soak the product with chlorine-containing disinfectant for no more than 30 minutes. 2. Do not cross use between patients to avoid cross infection, and regularly wash the restraining gloves 3. Check whether all parts of the restraining gloves are firm and have no damage before use, if there is damage, please stop using them. 4. If the patient feels uncomfortable when wearing the gloves, please make appropriate adjustments in time. 5. The wrist should not be tied too tightly, and there should be a gap of one finger between the restraining gloves and the skin of the wrist. 6. Undo the restraining gloves every two hours to check the blood circulation and skin condition, and watch out for abnormalities.

Product Features

1, double-sided mesh: jacket mesh texture breathable strong and firm, chlorine and high temperature resistance
2, with holes in the base plate: built-in shaped elastic plastic rubber plate, rubber plate with breathable holes, blocking the hand grip function to avoid the patient to pick up objects indiscriminately
3、Thickened soft cushion: the wrist is fully filled with decompression cotton soft cushion, avoiding the local skin injury to the wrist when fixing.
4、Opening type: zipper opening design, usually closed and not open, when needed to open the zipper, easy to observe the user's peripheral blood circulation and skin condition of the hand, but also to facilitate the monitoring of fingertip oxygen saturation.
5、Sealing type: no zipper design, to avoid some patients grabbing objects indiscriminately, unplanned extubation phenomenon.
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