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Every year 3- in May, the hospital mental patient is admitting most case's times. Because spring to violently annoy the time, the condition is very easy to manifest suddenly. This not recently had the report,Family member in hospital accompaniment mental patient taking a walk period, the patient surmounts the guard rail to jump from an upper story suddenly died.The family member thought that the hospital existence fault sues to the court, sues for damages 40 ten thousand Yuan. Recently, Guangzhou Yuexiu District Court made the first trial decision to the above-mentioned plan, thought that the hospital has certain oversight in the control and the facility, deliberates sentences compensates 3 ten thousand Yuan.

Magnetism controlled ties a belt the Manufacturer to want approximately to say is regardless of the responsibility in anyone, a life already lost.

Regarding mental patient,The automatic control ability is bad, and condition easy relapseDoes for the guardian, the family member must play the good watch-dog function certainly, has the question to have the situation to report gives doctor. Against as far as possible Fan dangerous accidental matter's occurrence.

On the other hand If the hospital carries on the entire seal control not to favor the patient recovery and the promotion social function recovery, if is the open style control unavoidably has the behavior to impulse, the suicidal behavior occurrence. For example this case may surmount the guard rail. In fact through the observation appraisal risk, the hospital to opens the ward also to strengthen the safe guard like “to ventilate the fence transparently”, adopts the relatively loose some protection restraint measure like use to the patient “magnetism to control ties a belt approximately”, gives the biggest activity space and the sphere of action during restraint.

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