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Non-planed cupping (UEX)The definition very clear mark has the non-planed cupping free two kind of possibilities: First, the patient from decides wiping out. Second, the medical treatment and nursing operates improper. Non-planed cuppingIs refers to the patient to treat needs to leave alone in patient in vivo each kind of drive pipe, agreed without the medical care personnel, the patient will insert a tube wipes out voluntarily, or other reasons (do not operate including medical care personnel, when) creates the intubation falls off, outside also wants the cupping. The non-planed cupping rate has stayed at a high level what is the reason?

First,Must appraise drive pipe's importance accurately.After in fact non-planed cupping, has the close half number of patients not to need to set at the tube. They are only in usual channel, in is not suitable time wiped out.

Next, about the use calmly with restrains tool's time, doctor and the nurse must unify the goal. Against cupping restraint uses generally against cupping restrains the glove. The nurse usually obeys the doctor's advice, but doctor thought that does not need the use to restrain the glove calmly with against cupping. Creates the fine nursing work, the nurse is unable to complete. Doctor must act according to the current situation, the use calmly with against cupping restraint glove, lets the nurse have according to may depend on.

Once more, because at present very many medical trouble contradictory strict densification, some nursing secure even under humanities concern, definitely is incorrect. The medical care personnel must complete the prevention to the bad incident,Achieves the consistent target with the patient,Should use against cupping to restrain the glove to let the patient certainly understand.

Therefore the medical care personnel first recognize this drive pipe's importance. Whether there is can next recognize the patient cupping risk. Third unifies the thought that to has the risk person to implement calm and against cupping restraint glove. Make the judgment according to the condition and the practical work, through the health education, thought counselling and so on all methods prevents the non-planed cupping accident's occurrence.

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