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The prevention presses the sore has been the medical treatment and nursing patient's common topic, because presses the soreHasafter “the disease incidence rate high, the course develops quickly, cures and cure, easy to recur the characteristic with difficulty”. In fact must prevent presses the sore, so long as checks 2 factors: First, local receives the pressure the strong and the weak; first, bearing time. These two points by “Presses sore's production = to receive the pressure local the strong and the weak * bearing timeThis formula comes.

Presses sore's formation is the human body vein and the artery receives the excessive pressure, the oxygen and the nutrient is unable to carry on normal taking turn, causes the cell necrosis.In blood capillary's pressure arrives at 32mmHg, is limit which the bedsore forms, breached this limit, the blood capillary assumes the unenlightened state, the skin blood supply insufficiency, causes necrosis.

Must prevent presses the sore one is blood capillary's in pressure maintenance below 32mmHg. TwoYesFrequently switch body unit under pressure, is also must often stand up from failure. Using triangle block, turning over blockAnd so on auxiliary means may enhance the turning over efficiency, achieves a better effect.

The triangle block=turning over rests the head on .jpg

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