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The narcotic hazardous nature was very big, has attracted first, must for a lifetime with the narcotic struggle. The human said that “takes drugs destroys life-long”, one time takes drugs, lifelong rehabilitates. The drug addict abstention breaks rate is low, and duplicate attracted rate is too big. Forces to isolate the place to give up drug taking to slurp, the injection narcotics type with the specialized knowledge according to the rehabilitation personnel and to become addicted to the degree and so on, carries on the target-oriented physiology, the mental healing, the bodily recovery training, vocational skill training to the rehabilitation personnel and so on.

The place to give up drug taking controls with the protection magnetism ties a belt approximately the Manufacturer Reminds you: Place to give up drug taking use magnetism controls ties a belt is approximately has legal support.

“"People's Republic of China Ministry of Public Security command" 117th 45th forces to isolate the place to give up drug taking or presents the dysphrenia to the drug dependence outbreak to have the rehabilitation personnel possibly who the self-inflicted injury, the autonomy or implement other risk behaviors, may defer to the medical standard which the administration of public health department formulates to take the protection restraint measure.

To the rehabilitation personnel who adopts the protection restraint measure, the police and the medical care personnel must observe closely, has the self-inflicted injury, the autonomy after possibly or implements other risk behaviors the situation relieves, relieves the protection restraint measure promptly.

Certainly this kind of protection restraint measure is not uses for the corporal punishment, the maltreatment or insult. Is the staff one kind of compulsory limit its behavior activity protective measures maximum limit which implements urgently to the relinquishing of drug addiction personnel.

Magnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyIs after the traditional restraint takes to bring with carries on the technology updates one kind new to tie a belt approximately, brings the body reliably solid, the coordination facilitates magnetism which carries to control the lock dexterously, can implement is more secure, the faster protection restraint.

Takes drugs for a long timeCauses cerebrum's nerve function to have the pathological change, will present the energetic illness, the spirit stimulated, biased, the illusion, the self-restraint drops, even drug addicts and so on violence tendency has the illusion, will be killed the delusion, the thought disturbance, will be serious when will present the violence to offend somebody the behavior).InstituteByThe place to give up drug taking controls with the protection magnetism ties a belt approximately the ManufacturerWhen the recommendation the rehabilitation personnel have above situation, please use magnetism to control ties a belt approximately for it carries on the protection restraint.

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