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in 2017 Guangdong Province nurses the administrative cadre training class to hold as scheduled, today is training first day. Scene person Man Weizuo, everybody participation enthusiastically.The fervor is completely full, the study strength is full, atmosphere must with general.

The conference revolves“the health and the healthy conference” the spirit, closely regarding the national health and the health work policy, the nursing development related policy, in health China and under the hygienic strong province background, holds the nursing development opportunity, plans nursing to develop the new pattern, enhancement nursing integrates national and the socio-economic development sense of responsibility, the sense of mission, the promotion nursing specialized value and the responsibility, promotes nursing and the medical service, the health and healthy domain many specialized cooperations, establishes based on the value high quality medical care services structure, adds the speed defect to look after with the long-term nurse service system construction, in 2017 our province nurses the work the direction, key and the connotation, carries on the thorough study and the research. To strengthens the entire province all levels of each category of Medical establishment to nurse the administrative cadre team construction guidance function.
I take charge of carryThis trainingEach category of product deeply is also welcome, to bob, each section of product full house, everybody exchanges the study product knowledge mutually, deliberated together.Through participated in this training, the Mongolian peaceful nursing had understood Guangdong Province's nursing development project as well as in 2017 nursed the key emphasis in work,Took charge to me nurses the thing production research and development to indicate the direction,I will take charge of will read the cadre to control the construction thought carefully, will set up the community responsibility and the sense of mission, the promotion product quality, the enhancement product performance, will establish the more perfect engineering research system, the production research and development are more quality product, will advance the nursing enterprise's development and the advance together.

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This registration selects the network registration method, the debarkation

System registration opening hour: on January 25th, 2017 - on March 15;

Registration time
1.The first issue:  2017Year2Month22Date afternoon14:00 - 18:00With2Month23Date morning7:15 - 8:15Registration;
2.The second issue:2017 Year3 Month1 Date afternoon14:00 - 18:00With3 Month2 Date morning7:15 - 8:15Registration;
3.The third issue:2017 Year3 Month8 Date afternoon14:00 - 18:00With3 Month9 Date morning7:15 - 8:15Registration;
4.The fourth issue:2017 Year3 Month15 Date afternoon14:00 - 18:00With3 Month16 Date morning7:15 - 8:15Registration.  
Training time
1.The first issue:2017 Year2 Month23-25Date
2.The second issue:2017 Year3 Month2- 4Date
3.The third issue:2017 Year3 Month9-11Date
4.The fourth issue:2017 Year3 Month16-18Date

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