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After doctor contracts the cancer, 80% obtains the cure reason

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In most people's consciousness, cancer represents is despairing with died.

But according to Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Tumor hospital Professor Sun Yan in 2011 introduced: after “tumor branch doctor contracts the cancer, 80% obtained the cure (5 year survival)”. But national cancer core nation tumor preventing and controlling studies the office revisit the year's end data analysis to display to 2010: A our country complete cancer 5 year survival rate is 30.9%. Resistance cancer, what secret does doctor have?

Story 1: The carcinoma of urinary bladder, 3 years has not recurred

I am a tumor internist, in a sanchia hospital work, graduates for several years. Had not thought that one day, I suddenly have also contracted the carcinoma of urinary bladder.

Works usually has been very busy, afterward read doctor, was looks up the information day and night, makes the topic, does the experiment, felt that thirsty drank bottle of mineral water or bottle of drink, including ate meal saves. The unit organizes the physical examination, also does not have the time to go. A passing by physical examination core, saw the human are few, I emerged for a while have made a physical examination, found out the bladder neoplasm.

The surgery carries on very much smoothly, now, in 3 years several reexaminations have not detected the recrudescence, I escape by luck the tumor “the evil clutches”.

The crab opens (pen name), some sanchia hospital tumor internists

My advice

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