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After doctor contracts the cancer, 80% obtains the cure reason

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In most people's consciousness, cancer represents is despairing with died.

But according to Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Tumor hospital Professor Sun Yan in 2011 introduced: after “tumor branch doctor contracts the cancer, 80% obtained the cure (5 year survival)”. But national cancer core nation tumor preventing and controlling studies the office revisit the year's end data analysis to display to 2010: A our country complete cancer 5 year survival rate is 30.9%. Resistance cancer, what secret does doctor have?

Story 1: The carcinoma of urinary bladder, 3 years has not recurred

I am a tumor internist, in a sanchia hospital work, graduates for several years. Had not thought that one day, I suddenly have also contracted the carcinoma of urinary bladder.

Works usually has been very busy, afterward read doctor, was looks up the information day and night, makes the topic, does the experiment, felt that thirsty drank bottle of mineral water or bottle of drink, including ate meal saves. The unit organizes the physical examination, also does not have the time to go. A passing by physical examination core, saw the human are few, I emerged for a while have made a physical examination, found out the bladder neoplasm.

The surgery carries on very much smoothly, now, in 3 years several reexaminations have not detected the recrudescence, I escape by luck the tumor “the evil clutches”.

The crab opens (pen name), some sanchia hospital tumor internists

My advice

1. The body is a qualification, the good habits and customs may let you avoid disease.

Before being sick, the work was very busy, fosters has drunk water few, suppresses the urine the custom, on the night shift also needed to stay up late frequently. The drinking glass places in the office, but the basic time has not drunk, has only then thought to the dinner time thirstily.

After early morning, noon before meals, gets off work, goes home, urinates the color continuously deeply yellow, but I have not noted, because the carcinoma of urinary bladder main cause is smoking, I do not have the tobacco and liquor hobby, is not the high-risk group.

Now, I every day drink 2000 milliliters plain boiled water, does not smoke, does not drink beverages, does not stay up late as far as possible. Should go to bathroom, even if runs is going, to run is returning.

2. The specialized knowledge also compares the family member to accompany again.

After some people detect cancer, did not believe initial period feeling after in the past, was left over fears. By now the family member accompanied is important.

3. The trust is lets doctor take your best method.

After my surgery, the urinary bladder presents the colic, oneself diagnosed is the uropoiesis is the stone has manifested suddenly, the second day preparation and surgeon discussed that the result he the yawn said that after was the technique, the cystospasm, was very common. I do not have to blindly guess again that they see after all a lot, after having used the just right for the illness medicine, was very quickly good.

Story 2: Breast cancer, 1 year re-enters the post

Zhang zeng contracted breast cancer, afterward re-entered the post and holds the post of some administrative offices director. From the detection tumor, to completes the treatment to return the operating post, the global only 1 year about time.

Zhang Ling (alias), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Tumor hospital doctor

My advice

1. The mammary gland hyperplasia, insisted that makes mammary gland self-checking.

My breast cancer is self-checks. Because for many years has had the mammary gland hyperplasia question, therefore insisted that every two months make a mammary gland self-checking to hold.

Once traced a small tumor, therefore made the ultrasound, the mammary gland molybdenum target, the nuclear magnetism examination immediately, after recognizing, very quick has undergone the surgery. The surgery is very smooth, however the result is actually bad news, although the tumor is minimum, but is actually malignant.

• The screening lung cancer, smokes every day above 20 or smokes the ultra 10 years, should every 1 year carry on 1 time screw CT examination.

• Screening liver cancer, the hepatitis patient perhaps the hepatitis B virus carrier, carry on 1 ultrasound examination every year, when the necessity carries on the liver to strengthen CT the examination.

• The screening stomach cancer, recommended that every year carries on 1 gastroscopy.

• Screening colon cancer, recommendation screening bowel movement occult blood test + intestines mirror.

• Screening cervical cancer, only then has the sex life to carry on 1 time cervix of the uterus smear examination.

• Screening breast cancer, 35 year old of before every year made the ultrasound, after 35 years old, every year made the molybdenum arrowhead.

• The screening prostate gland cancer, please specialized doctor carry on every year 1 time refers examines with the prostate gland specificity antigen examination.

2. Has awaked tired is also overworks.

Has covered many questions young. Is on night duty all night, day and night is busy with the rescue patient, is much more tired, rested can spell.

But the age has been big, detected slowly could not make up. My over 30 years old start to lose sleep, also rests especially shallowly, as soon as the sound of footsteps arrives at the entrance, awakes immediately.

The colleague had warned “do not overdraw.”May because of the body fortunately, also turn a deaf ear. Is finding out the cancer first several months, felt obviously oneself physical strength drops, tired, is one kind cannot rest tired. Looked like academician Sun Yan saying:Has awaked tired is also overworks.

3. From has not suspected doctor's each resolution.

The entire course of treatment, with ordinary cancer patient not any difference, the medicine which doctor opens, also has many pays own expenses the medicine. The entire treatment, I pulled out ten have come ten thousand Yuan. I had not suspected doctor each resolution which makes for me.

4. Forgets cancer shadow with the work.

Holds the mood, this is doctor gives all patient most important recommendation. Cancer will have the psychological shadow to everybody, I will not be exceptional. Is possible to pass for 56 years, blurred, the desalination after same year these memories, we could walk. Therefore I must resume the work as soon as possible certainly, helps itself to forget these not happy matter. The colleagues also often said to me: “this matter turns a son, did not permit to go to think again.”

Story 3: The lymph cancer, was sick for 3 years still to be appointed chief

Taiwan church bulletin Lin Yiying/absorbs

Yang nurtures is precisely practices medicine near 40 year obstetrics famous doctors, gynecology department cancer treats the authority, in 2012 diagnoses the lymph cancer. Suffered from the cancer instead to stimulate him to the hospital management ponder, Yang Yuzheng still to continue to work, in September, 2015 only then resigned chief, the period also own contracted the cancer to experience the experience to build up publishes book(s).

Yang Yuzheng, Taiwan Mackay commemorates director of the hospital

My advice

1. Long-term melancholy can result in the cancer.

Fell ill preceding year I to encounter stabbing which all sorts were unable to withstand with to attack, makes my fall in the blues, to extremely, perhaps only then has planted melancholy my cause of disease. Some research proof, causes the fall in the blues despondently early, will affect body's immune system. Contracts the cancer, I wanted with that period of time being crushed with grief, not to be able to escape the responsibility.

2. Every day absolute motion.

Before my fixed 6:00 am go out, at home the nearby park jogs the mix to walk quickly, maintains one to two kilometers. Now I every day jog with qigong guiding interlock. If the early morning jogs, then evening makes the qigong; Sometimes if because of official business stroke, early morning without enough time jogs, then makes the qigong in the home, evening again jogs.

Health maintenance's principle is such simple actually, whether does the degree of difficulty in carry out only.

Not only movement to inspire own metabolism, the exercise physical strength, is to can be crisp every day own god fresh air, brings the good mood to go out, also takes to the breath which the one's side a person share thrives. Morbid state, also like this vanished.

Story 4: The lung cancer brain transfers, 6 years were still in the past in good health

on June 2, 2016 Dr. Xu Linyou speaks in a public lecture

Xu Linyou himself is lung cancer doctor, 2011 are actually found January out the lung cancer brain to transfer, at that time is determined “very difficultly as by doctor to live 100 day”, 6 years have passed by now, still lived very much healthily.

The so-called five years survival rate, regarding a cancer patient, looking from the clinical standard, may say that was clinical cures!

Xu Linyou, Huangshan People's Hospital thoracic surgery deputy chief physician

My advice

1. Reconsidering: Why can I result in the lung cancer?

After diagnosis on several, I do not stop asked that I “I take lung cancer doctor, why can oneself result in the lung cancer?”Although I smoke, drink beverages, but are very few, is not the old smoker, is also not the old potcompanion, but I contract the non-cellule adenocarcinoma of lung and smoking drink wine not the direct relation.

In hundred thinks in the process which does not understand, I recall am sick the first 10 months, I once had one month to make 26 big surgery's experiences, 3 examples presented the serious complication, every day goes to work ahead of time, will only then go home until 12:00 pm later, the food end will not also have the appetite in the hand, has eaten several sleepily simply layer on layer, after washing will rinse, lies down on the bed cannot fall asleep, such state will continue to be near for 1 month.

I believed that the lung cancer's most primary cause was continues the long time the working pressure to be oversized and to be weary, has affected the diet and the sleep custom.

2. The good medicine also cannot revive the human who losts hope.

I gave cancer patient treatment and undergo the surgery to have more than 20 years, the life and death looked a lot. I have seen my patient after knowing develops cancer, the spirit and the will broke down immediately, wise doctor, the good therapeutic schedule, the good medicine, cannot revive “has losted hope the human”. But I insist the optimistic mood, this truly more advantageous treatment, is also I defeats the lung cancer a reason.

3. Accepts the science treatment, do not be sick randomly goes see a doctor.

Although I the joke life and death, may not dare ambiguously in the treatment. Such many years, I have insisted takes a drug, the radiotherapy, although the side effect is very big, the hair falls out or off entirely, the whole body does not have the strength, the eye cornea hyperemia, may from not conflict. Finally after the attempt target to the treatment, the success has defeated the lung cancer.

After contracting the cancer, wants the science treatment certainly, because the nearly 1/3 patients are not correct treats, even is sick randomly goes see a doctor loses the life. Very many people are sick randomly go see a doctor, this method also tries, that medicine also tries, please certainly must believe that you physician-in-charge, cannot hide faults for fear of criticism.

4. Do the change habits and customs, when start not to be late.

Before falling ill, I will smoke, drink beverages, come off night duty will go out to have a night-time snack. After being sick, I swore off the tobacco and liquor rapidly, eats the vegetarian dish and the corn usually and so on, the meat dish very little eats, also did not go out to treat with courtesy, the majority time sit peacefully, read the medicine books, accompanied the daughter and the wife.

Cancer patient most abstained from that tired and anything is not dry, two aspects cannot carry too far. I am hospitalized period of time after the hospital, feels the body fortunately, goes home the recreation, does housework an in one's power.

After daily dinner, I will exit to take a walk for half hour to 1 hour. Starts, the body is weak, the footsteps step motionless, but under in the wife or the friend accompanies, also insisted down.

Without the secret, does not have the folk prescription, also has not ascended the sky extra giving favored treatment to, tumor branch doctor governs cancer's method for oneself, actually with our average person and not different, but, they execute a more earnest point, arrive points, the optimistic point. Own treats the cancer through doctor to experience, we hoped that can stress once more prevents early, detected early, treats early, and defeats cancer's confidence for all people!

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