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Against cupping medical restraint glove's application

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On the body has each kind of pipeline's patient mood many unstable, is agitated restless or consciousness is unclear, to guarantee that nursing secure, reduces the nursing hidden danger, reduces the patient pain, avoids the accidental cupping, against cupping medical restraint glove application lives.

1st, structure

Against cuppingMedical restraint gloveGenerally by the cotton material cotton material, the ventilation nettings, the packing sponge, the cushioning, the elasticity hardly off-set, the zipper, the magic posts, the bandage and so on is composed. Its shape for the tubbish hand shape of strip, has the seal generally, opens the mouth two kind of designs, some adopt the zipper type to open the mouth.

2nd, merit

Medical restraint gloveBuilt-in hard off-set valid fixed patient hand. The built-in packing cotton and kapok may cause the hand generally according to the adjustment to assume partly grasps the shape, can enhance the patient comfort level, the finger has certain activity, between the single finger has not contacted, cannot press firmly between the fingers the thing, therefore, can prevent accidental situations validly and so on cupping and hand abrasion; The wrist may carry on the moderate flexure operation, guaranteed that its function position, reduces the hand abnormal occurrence; The long bandage may tie up puts in armchairs and so on above bed field or wheelchair, simplicity of operator; Opens the mouthMedical restraint gloveMay momentarily observe the monitor blood

Oxygen degree of saturation.

 The Dongguan Mongolia peaceful nursing thing Limited company has the medical hand fixed wrap patent, the patent number: ZL200920216848.2, has the honor to receive “Guangdong Province to do decides the technical product” the title. The contract research and development production has custom-made the wholesale, provides the safety, the valid service and the safeguard wholeheartedly for the general clients. Is willing to progress together with the general clients, impels our country to nurse the enterprise to step reaches a new level.

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