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Analyzes the senior citizen diet nursing question from eight big aspects

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First, the safeguard takes in sufficient food

1st, the senior citizen should take in 12 kind and the above food at least every day, has the breakfast;

2nd, the breakfast has 1~2 kind of above staple food, 1 egg, 1 cup of milks suitably, has the vegetables or the fruit in addition;

3rd, the Chinese meal and the supper have 2 kind of above staple food suitably, 1~2 kind of above staple food, 1~2 meat dishes, 1~2 kind of vegetables, 1 bean product;

4th, rests in previous 1 hour not to recommend to dine drinks water, in order to avoid influence sleep;

5th, the appetite young senior citizen, should note when meal and meal little drinks the soup, little has the reheated cooked rice.

Second, valuables food manufacture method

The advanced age and the mastication ability serious drop's senior citizen, the meal should boil the soft fever to be rotten:

1st, cuts food slightly cuts to pieces, or extension cooking time;

2nd, after meats food may sliver the shredded meat or the sliced meat cooks, may also mince the hash to manufacture the rolled meat edible; The fish and shrimp class may make the fish fillet, the gefilte fish, the fish 羮, the shelled fresh shrimp and so on;

3rd, the nut, the miscellaneous grains and so on hard food may grind the powder or the tiny shot edible, like sesame seed powder, walnut powder, maize meal and so on;

4th, the quality of material hard fruit or the vegetables may crush press out the juice edible;

5th, uses cooks, boils, steams, braises, cooks in a covered vessel, burns and so on cooking methods, little fries explodes and smokes roasts and so on.

Third, guarantee enough high quality protein

1st, eats the sufficiency the meat

Fish, shrimp, poultry meat, pig cow mutton and so on animalistic foods include the digestion absorption rate high high quality protein and many kinds of micro nutrients, to maintains the senior citizen muscle synthesis to be very important.

2nd, drinks the milk daily

Recommended that the senior citizen drinks the low fat milk and the product, the senior citizen who the lactose does not endure may consider drinks the low lactose milk or the edible yogurt.

3rd, every day eats the soybean and the product

The senior citizen should eat food every day a time soybean and the bean product, adds the protein amount of radiation.

Fourth, prevention anemia

1st, right amount adds the lean meat, the fish, the birds and beasts, the animal liver, the blood and so on takes in;

2nd, adds contains Vitamin C and the folic acid fruit and the green vegetable amount of radiation richly;

3rd, the strong tea, the coffee, the food latter 1 hour are not before meals suitable drink.

Fifth, prevention osteoporosis

Selects high calcium food reasonably, the prevention osteoporosis:

1st, every day takes in 300 gram fresh milk or the equivalent milk product;

2nd, may also select the bean product (bean curd, bean curd waits), the marine products (kelp, shrimp, spiral, shell), Gao Gaidi the oxalic acid vegetables (celery, rape, purple skin onion, alfalfa and so on), the auricularia auricula, the sesame seed and so on contains calcium high food naturally.

Sixth, delays the muscle to weaken

1st, Chang Chifu contains high quality protein animalistic food, in particular red meat, breast class and soybean and product;

2nd, eats contains the n-3 multi-unsaturated fatty acid marine products richly, like sea fish and seaweed and so on;

3rd, adds the outdoor activity time, suns and adds suitably takes in Vitamin D content high food, like animal liver, egg-yolk and so on;

4th, like the condition permitted, but may also carry on pulls the tension rope, lifts the sandbag and so on anti-anti- movement 20~30 minutes, each week ≥3 time; May add the daily bodily active mass, reduces sits in meditation or the bed.

Seventh, driving sufficiency potable water

1st, the correct potable water method is the driving few multiple potable waters, each time 50~100 milliliters; Early morning cup of warm boiling water, rest previous 1~2 hours 1 water;

2nd, should not, in felt is thirsty when only then the potable water, should form fixed time and the driving potable water habit;

3rd, senior citizen's daily potable water quantity should not be lower than 1200 milliliters, take 1500~1700 milliliters as suitable;

4th, potable water first choice warming up plain boiled water, according to personal situation, may also select drinks the pale tea.

Eighth, improvement constipation

1st, adds richly including meals textile fiber food, adds the entire grain, the vegetables, the bacterium algae and the fruit takes in;

2nd, adds the potable water, forms fixed time the potable water good habit, in particular the every morning 1 cup of warm boiling water or the hydromel may stimulate the stomach colon reflection, promotes the intestines creeping motion;

3rd, eats lives the bacterium richly including the profit fermentation food, like yogurt, health maintenance intestinal tract bacteria colony;

4th, the fat has the Run intestines bowel movement function, but adds the peanut oil, the sesame oil or including the fat high sesame seed, the sunflower seed, walnut intaking suitably;

5th, few food pungent food, achieves fixed time the bowel movement as far as possible;

6th, adds the movement, like takes a walk, practices the Taijiquan, practices holds, jogs, the ventral massage and so on.

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Senior citizen diet population key:

Few many meal valuables, prevention denutrition

Driving sufficiency potable water, positive outdoor activity

Delays the muscle to weaken, maintenance being suitable body weight

Takes in sufficient food, encourages to accompany dines

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