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Ankle stabilizer foot immobilizer for Foot Drop

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Foot drop, also known as foot drop deformity, is easy to form when the lower limbs are paralyzed. The feet should be supported, such as using foot plate supports and pillows, to make the feet form a right angle with the legs and keep the dorsiflexion position to prevent heel and gallbladder contracture. When keeping warm in winter, you should pay attention to the quilt pressing the foot, and support the quilt with a support or a clean cardboard box to avoid pressing the back of the foot. Instruct and help patients to exercise their ankles to avoid muscle atrophy and joint rigidity.

The next step is to give everyone Amway an ankle-foot orthosis to prevent foot drop.

Product model:


Product specifications:

Average size ( bottom length: 30cm, bottom width: 31 cm, height: 24 cm, U - groove: 13 cm deep, and bottom leg support can be removed using hook and loop )

Applicable population:

Long - term bed rest, lack of active lower limb movement, lower limb movement disorder, premonition of foot drop, old age and infirmity, etc.

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