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Body magnetism controls 1


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  • E-001-01

  • 蒙泰

  • Sets up a file the number: The Guangdong Province weapon prepares 20160015
  • Patent book: Magnetism controls ties a belt approximately the patent card number: ZL 2014 2 0250586.2
  • Patent book: Medical ties a belt the special-purpose magnetism to control approximately locks the patent card number: 2016 2 0227444.3
  • Packing: (Sign matches two alloy locks, two stainless steel lock nail, an alloy magnetism controls key)
  • Structure: Ties a belt approximately mainly weaves the belt, the cotton weaving cushioning cloth, the cotton material textile fiber, the stainless steel hasp, the magic by the cotton material posts and so on to be composed
  • Product line: Body: Wrist department, malleolus department, hip department, knee joint, shoulder; Torso: Chest, waist abdomen, upper body
  • Is suitable the crowd: Magnetism controls ties a belt approximately is mainly suitable for to the serious cognition barrier, the bodily function barrier, easy to tumble, to move restlessly does not cooperate and so on sickness.
  • Function: Prevents the patient cupping, the self-inflicted injury, moves restlessly attacks other people and so on. Is helpful recovers in sickness or the rehabilitation personnel body, simultaneously can safeguard to the police medicine personnel as well as the family member

Use scope

Is suitable in the four limbs protection restraint, an end fixed skill, an end fixes in the bed frame, but after restrains self-adjusting hand activity space. Is suitable in prevents the patient cupping, scratches with the finger stresses the wound, moves restlessly the attack and so on

Application domain

Hospital (neurology department, department of neurology, old age branch, ICU, ER, radiology, department of pediatrics, gynecology department, reshaping branch); Place to give up drug taking; Judicial organ; Jail; Social welfare organizations and so on old folks home; Pharmacy; The home nursing uses.

Product selling point

Smaller restraint, bigger freedom; More secure, fast restraint, reduces nurses personnel's work load; Overcame has tied a belt approximately formerly to skin's damage and the influence end loop flaw, has implemented to the restraint person culture, the safety, the modernized reform process, is upgrade substitute which the tradition tied a belt approximately.

Product characteristic

1st, is made by the entire woven cottons, the soft feel is good, easy cleanly with maintenance, may bear 95 degree below high temperature cleans. Has characteristic which heat-resisting, being flame-resistant, comfortable, easy to use.
2nd, the basis kinesiology selection different size entire woven cottons, with the human body contact spot use safeguarding pad, reduce the local pressure and the friction force, carries on the protection restraint to be fixed. Product user-friendlier.
3rd, designs specially scientific magnetism controls the lock assembly, avoids the patient or the non-authorized officers opens ties a belt approximately.

Matters needing attention

1st, after the patient uses ties a belt approximately, the medical care personnel must fixed time observe the patient situation.
2nd, every has pacemaker's patient, use magnetism controls when the key must hold the 20CM above distance with the actuator.
3rd, before the use, please exam ties a belt approximately whether to damage, the key, the lock catch and lock the nail whether to get ready.
4th, all ties a belt approximately the fixed belt must fix with the bed frame on, cannot install in the transportable bed field.
5th, when the fixed belt fixes in the bed frame, do not be excessively tight, by facilitates the migration and the positioning.
6th, after locking on the nail catcher the lock catch, must pull up the lock catch to exam again whether to loosen.
7th, attaches must buckle in waistband's side belt.
8th, when clean must except all lock nail, the lock catch and the key.
9th, cannot soak in floats the clear water to surpass 10 minutes.
10th, the key, the lock catch and lock the nail available ethyl alcohol or the wet cloth wipe, hold lightly do cleanly, cannot soak in any liquid.
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