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Delivers the Lantern Festival welfare word of taking advantage of the horse cloud classics for everybody

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Ma Yun takes the man of the hour, each section of speeches receive the attention, here Mongolia extreme nurses Slightly arranges for everybody shares four:

One of horse cloud classics:on March 10, 2013, Ma Yun announced: He no longer holds the post of company CEO from May 10, 2013, preserves board of directors presidents only a duty.

Ma Yun is asked“turns over the throne to another” when the CEO question said: “if wants to understand, we arrive, comes the personhood who in this world is not works. The young people certainly will do compared to us well, only will be looked that you are willing to look them. I give Ma Huateng, Li Yan macro and so on schoolmates search first explore the way, only if you want never to retire. Most recent several year I and Feng Lun et al. go to that is known as the `air is also the sweet country' when Bhutan the discussion to want to set up a private enterprise university, I thought that this is quite interesting, enlightens the young people. I did not make CEO, must make CKO, the `chief enlightening official', like this also very good.

Mongolia extreme nurses Also has been “enlightens the official”. We have devoted to the medical instrument clinical nursing thing production Manufacturer, yields profit in each retailing dealer, strives for the long-term development with the high quality product, emulate with the performance-to-price ratio escapes Ying in the colleague, although the profession emulation is small, but we have still been trying hard, makes the brand promotion, creates the propaganda, this to retail as well as sell is very advantageous respectively.


Horse cloud classicsTwo:Ma Yun believed that“hundred year old-established shop” has violated all wrong Ali has not escaped by luck anxiously, is only we draws out the leg quickly possibly compared to others from the wrong mud, this must give credit enterprise's soul.

Mongolia extreme nurses Is also important in here with everybody share enterprise culture, must be familiar with the raise since childhood, makes mistakes is not fearful, fears does not improve, is willing to improve is not good, you have executed? Executes the strength speed! Mongolia extreme nurses In the processing client with retail in the question forever is holds the quickest corresponding speed, we are the source Manufacturers, speedy settlement each kind of question, following will tow for a long time, to company's long-term development as well as the will influence be very disadvantageous. We deeply believed that we can!

Horse cloud classicsThree:, Ma Yun said that he wants to write an update 1001 night of story, the name establishes provisionally is“Ali 1001 errors anxiously”, because he thought that the error is worth treasuring, lets everybody study together from the error. The people said that happy always similar, unfortunately actually has plants surely; Likewise, the success method is always similar, but fails the reason actually has plants surely. The straightforward point said that jumps over the predecessor has stepped on these pits, your road not smooth?

Mongolia extreme nurses With various Enterprise company believed that the same journey is not continuously problem-free, will meet each kind. We pass through use all might arrive at today such to be suitable, cannot leave each partner throughout the support and the trust, has the question, solves together hand in hand, the cooperation mutual benefit, altogether wins the survival.

Horse cloud classicsFour: I violated since birth am most greatly wrong created Ali anxiously. I have not expected this to change my life. I only am originally want to establish a Small company, however it finally actually turned a such big enterprise.

Saw fourth, was really a little oppressive dead babies, had? Mongolia extreme nurses Thought that actually he was only wants to say the enterprise was bigger, the development was bigger, the bill will be more serious, the responsibility will be also bigger, the viewers do not want to envy enterprise's big, but was must see the enterpriseBehind handing over to turn over toResponsibility,

This article by Dongguan Mongolia peaceful nursing thing Limited company Provides the share, if you dare the interest to the high performance-to-price ratio's medical clinical nursing thing, please pay attention to the following platform:

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