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Future 5 year health planning committee key plan hospital administrative offices - neurology department

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At present China has neurology department bed 228,000, average every 10,000 population 1.71; The nation has neurology department doctor more than 20,000, the average 1.49/100,000 populations, mainly concentrates in the prefecture, the province first-level. Compares with the world level, our country's neurology department medical service resource obvious somewhat low.Only the serious psychopath obtained the corresponding treatment and the attention.

Recently, Chengdu released "Chengdu To implement and realize the National Mental hygiene Work Plan (2015-2020 Year) To implement Plan".

not only "Plan" proposed a series of promotion dysphrenia disease's prevention, the treatment and the recovery work specific measures, but also has been clear about the specific objectives, proposed that to 2020, argues vigorously whole city resident population every ten thousand people to have the neurology department to write the bed to add to 5.64; in 2020, the whole city every 100,000 population neurology department disciple (assistant) doctor quantity is not lower than 6, neurology department nurse quantity is not lower than 12.

According to "Plan", Chengdu will strengthen the mental hygiene specialized organization the specialized ability construction. In the area still did not have the energetic Specialized hospital at present Longquanyi District, the Xindu area, pi the area, Pujiang County, must at least in an area, the county level General hospital setting neurology department outpatient service or the mental healing outpatient service. The city health planning committee subordinates the third-level General hospital should open the neurology department outpatient service or the mental healing outpatient service; In principle in Chengdu's all third-level General hospitals should open the neurology department outpatient service or the mental healing outpatient service.

Future 5 year Medical establishment will set the plan, the neurology department is also one big “the blast tuyere”.

The basically each place "the Health Services structure Plan (2016-2020 Year)", explicitly proposed that must impel the General hospital neurology department or the energetic Specialized hospital construction.

Then, what does the hospital neurology department necessary medical instrument have? Let our vision change Hainan.

The Hainan Province health planning committee has printed and distributed "Hainan Province Second-level And Above the General hospital Neurology department (Psychology) the Outpatient service Primary standard (Implementation)". This standard file is "about Completes General hospital Neurology department Outpatient service Setting Related Work Notice" (Wei Banyi the politics sends (2013)36 number) the requirement by the Hainan Province health planning committee according to the National Health Planning committee, links to the Hainan Province reality, but organizes to formulate.

According to this file, in Hainan Province second-level and above General hospital neurology department (psychology) outpatient service, must provide the following device:

(1) fundamental set

Provides 1 set of mental measurement system at least (including computer and software), 1 printer; Has the condition Medical establishment to be possible to defer to the job requirement, adds the mental measurement software, urges the bed, the psychology to hang, the sand table treatment meter, the biofeedback treatment meter, the portable electric shock treatment meter, the multimedia projecting apparatus, the camera, the television, the sound records devices and so on system.

(2) first aid equipment

The heart defibrillation, the simple respirator, the trouble truck (first aid equipment may use in common with other outpatient service administrative offices).

(3) informationization device

Has the computer at least which 1 can websurf.

In addition, in the house, above the facility requirement, must achieve the following standard:

①Sets 1 ordinary consulting room at least, the area at least 9 square meters. Ordinary consulting room's quantity must adapt with Medical establishment's function task/role.

②Sets 1 psychological measurement room, the usable area at least 10 square meters.

③Sets 1 between special-purpose mental healing lab, the treatment lab usable area at least 15 square meters, uses in the individual mental healing and the family treatment. A treatment lab wall must have the unidirectional glass.

④Has the condition Medical establishment to carry out the following mental healing, the house facility must satisfy the corresponding requirement:

1. sand table treatment lab at least 15 square meters.

2. biofeedback treatment lab at least 15 square meters.

3. associations treat the lab at least 60 square meters.

4. hypnosis treatment lab usable area at least 20 square meters.

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