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Good news: The non-Beijing nationality hospital attendant does well may keep Beijing to care for the aged

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Beijing Civil administration bureau yesterday printed and distributed "about Strengthens Retirement Service talents Team Construction Opinion", in the old folks home which was clear about a series of retirement talented person to give favored treatment to the policy, after in which did good non-Beijing nationality hospital attendant old, may keep itself to work to care for the aged.

“the opinion” proposed that must promote the retirement service talents' social position, the retirement organization, the community retirement to serve the relay station should with the hospital attendant sign labor contract, participates in the social security, carries out the leave with pay, enjoys the free physical examination, is engaged in “the deathbed care” and so on special post hospital attendant also to be possible to enjoy psychological unblocking and the respite service.

“the opinion” proposed explicitly that hospital attendant's average salary treatment in principle is not lower than the previous year this city service industry the average wages level. The university student enters the non-beneficial retirement organization, the community retirement serves the relay station to be possible to enjoy into the duty subsidy system, gives disposable enters the duty subsidy and the minute year provide by the profession Department responsible for the work. At the same time, cares for the aged the service personnels “the post subsidy” to take the livelihood of the people domain service industry profession experiment site, implements the subsidy to the retirement hospital attendant.

“the opinion” also proposed, to encourage the hospital attendant to love the hillock professional, fulfills duty fulfills responsibility, “implements the non-Beijing nationality retirement service talents integral to carry out gives favored treatment to the policy, after old, first moves in the retirement organization”. I.e., the outside areas household register's hospital attendant like dried fruit good, does is long, according to “integral” how many, after old, may care for the aged in the old folks home which one hold public office, by provides the service provider to turn enjoys the service provider. Obtains the technician and above the occupational qualification certificates hospital attendant, may apply for the establishment “national skill master the work room” or “Beijing chief technician work room”.

From now on, Beijing will establish the retirement hospital attendant registration system. Implements the whole city unification registration control to the retirement service employed personnels, including is employed the experience, the being employed age limit, the target client appraisal, participates in situations and so on training experience, suit punishment, establishes the retirement service employed personnels credit status system, will take will comment the important basis from now on which the duty, will be promoted, raises salaries, is transferred to another post.

It is reported that the retirement employed personnels refer to three category of personnel generally: Retirement nursing, the specialized technology and the administrators, but beyond expectation are, loses can old person's children also for the first time integrate nurses in the talented person team. This “the opinion” explicitly proposed that “the support retirement nursing knowledge skill enters the family, enters the community to move, to lose can old person the home nursing personnel develop looks after the knowledge and skill training, will lose gradually can old person the children relative buy in the retirement to nurse the talented person team.”

Beijing Civil administration bureau indicated that this city old-age population development is swift and violent, loses can lose wisdom old person, empty nest old person, very elderly person increases unceasingly, specialized, the personalized retirement service demand adds day by day, retirement service faced with labor force “fault” and demand “trench” between huge difference. Meanwhile, the retirement employed personnels present the social position lowly, the fluidity are high, the income treatment low, the labor intensity is high, school record level low, average age higher “three low three high” characteristic.

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