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How does the family member process the senile dementia sickness family member to relate

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“I ate a moment ago what?”In the family the elder is also so asked? Intensifies along with the astogeny population, senile dementia patient quantity is also rising, then how to deal with such relations as the senile dementia patient's family member? One day, I responded, two days. . . The patience is abrasions or has the method more and more. Following introduced that several are together the road:


1st, understands this kind of defect the characteristic. For instance, patient possibly after eating meal also repeatedly asked when serves a meal. This is the common symptom, is “the normal phenomenon”. Do not dislike bothersomely, but was must tell the patient already to eat meal repeatedly, but might also add on one: “if you are also hungry, I make some to you to eat again.”

2nd, spells over patient's language. For instance, the patient at home also always said obviously wants when “goes home”, is actually wants saying that he thinks not securely, needs to obtain comforts. Retired many year patients saying that must go “to go to work”, was possibly wants saying that he thought bored, wanted to look for a job does, hopes itself usefully.

3rd, patient's life style looks like possibly strangely, if night walks back and forth in the room, so long as but does not harm own and other people are secure, do not interfere.

4th, Hawes recommended especially gives in the family all goods to paste on the writing label as far as possible, for instance television remote control, kitchen cutting board, coffee cup, sock ......Because the research display were very many old crazy sickness patient still to be possible to read.

5th, Hawes said that many old crazy sickness patients cannot remember only then have the matter soon, but has a vivid memory very many year ago matters. Nurse may take the matter which the old picture and the patient chat they to remember, or accompanies them to play the childhood has played the playing cards game. Does this is helpful in slows down illness worsening.

6th, inquired that time the patient the inquiry mode must be as far as possible simple, is advantageous for them to respond. Asks with it the patient drinks tea when wants to match anything to eat together, was inferior that asked they want to be tricked the gram force or the cookie.

Regarding patient's family member, we must give more understanding and the support, lets them happily joyful pass the old age.

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