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How does the senior driver tell you the medical instrument person to want to search and to attack and capture the client

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In company's daily marketing work, searches the collection client information to be important, whether does its direct relation company's marketing plan implements.

First, when collects the client information, may use many kinds of ways and the channel obtains the client information and the information, the commonly used method includes:

1st, attends the profession exposition to collect the information

2nd, profession publication collection enterprise information

3rd, through the Internet collection

4th, introduces the Leading enterprise through the profession association

5th, market brand excerpt

6th, partner introduction

Next, client data compilation work.

1st, the reorganization induces "Client Information File", establishes the company interior client relations management system management system.

Once more, client information processing and visiting.

First, client information handle work.

Second, works with the client contact and visiting.

①: Primary contact client mode

In view of goal client development marketing work, with client establishment preliminary contacting; The selection facsimile, the email, the mail, introduced that modes and so on website introduce class the publicity material information to the client transmission company, is clear about this corporate business nature, arouses client certain interest, obtains the face-to-face talk the opportunity. As far as possible the reduction carries on sales promotion directly through the telephone mode and the strange client, this and Our company service localization not symbol; May through the telephone communication, recognize whether opposite party does receive our publicity material, agreement meeting time. The telephone conversation time not suitable has been long; May also participate in activities and so on seminar, touring exhibition through the telephone mode invitation client.

②: Company publicity material preparation

"Corporate image Handbook"

"Company Product Handbook"

"First Intuition Scene"

③: Visiting client

④: Visiting requirement

⑤: Completes each month the work summary and the report meeting.

Second, how to obtain the customer to trust?

1st, wants fairly objective, do not attack others' product not to be good, when the customer inquires about do not open the mouth saying that others are not good;

2nd, does not speak own product first, for instance you are sell the medical apparatus to sell may speak the standard first which the medical apparatus sale aspect the knowledge as well as the purchase medical apparatus sell;

3rd, speaks the technology, says specialized, speaks the use general knowledge;

4th, asked that the customer does work in where, in which lives, can find the human who knew together;

5th, speaks the enterprise strength;

6th, speaks with the science and the evidence;

7th, asks the customer to read credentials and so on business license, each kind of honorary certificate.

Third, how to judge customer's demand through the inquiry mode?

Asked that the correct question forever is sells in the process the very important matter, through inquires you to be possible to understand that customer's idea, discovers behind the customer the true demand.

Inquiry question and analysis:

1st, inquired that which plot the customer does live in: Lives in the rich and populous plot the customer definitely is the rich social stratum, advocates to them pushes high-end;

2nd, inquired that the customer lives in any floor: Generally lives in three building four buildings is the rich man, advocates to them pushes high-end;

3rd, inquired that the customer is engaged in any occupation: Generally does business, works as leader rich, recommends high-end; Is engaged in the general occupation the recommendation practical, special price or sample;

5th, inquired whether the customer is the new home purchase, through chats knowing to attend to the material which in the Hakkas repairs is high-end or middle-grade, low-end, judges by this should give the customer to recommend any type the product;

6th, inquired that which one good he does feel.

PS: Inquiry skill

1st, do not ask a question continuously;

2nd, must be connected customer's response to carry on the trade description;

3rd, easy to respond the inquiry start from the customer;

4th, the inquiry wants the idea to promote customer's purchase psychology;

5th, sometimes must be good at raising some question which has nothing to do with the target, does this is advantageous to the harmonious discussion atmosphere, reduces with customer's distance.

Apex's medical apparatus sale understood that the inquiry the importance, simultaneously is also the best listener, the customer does not like by the human selling, but all people like by other people concern. The above question must stand in the concern angle inquires, is similar to psychologist is ordinary, understood that customer's intrinsic demand, discovers their question, solves their problem, meets their need.

The Dongguan Mongolia peaceful nursing thing Limited company is one supervises the bureau authorization being established set research and development, the production, the sale by the medicine is a body's medical instrument Manufacturer. Main business product: Magnetism controls ties a belt medically approximately, ties a belt approximately, restrains the glove, the static against pressure sore mattress, nurses the pad, the surgery body posture pad, the heel pad, against foot sagging equipment maintenance, old person the chair, each category of medical thing, simultaneously may have custom-made each category of product. Momentarily welcome you joined!

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