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Instructions for The Use of The Magnetic Restraint Chair for Psychiatry Produced by MengTai Nursing

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MengTai Nursing Psychiatric-specific magnetic control restraint chair is made of imported ashlar solid wood material and two metal one-key pass locks, featuring safety, comfort and durability. The restraint chair is fixed with a magnetic control lock, which can be easily opened and closed, and is suitable for patients of different body sizes, allowing patients to receive treatment and care more comfortably.


When using the Magnetic Control Restraint Chair manufactured by MengTai, you need to follow the doctor's advice and the patient's specific situation. The following are the steps to use this restraint chair:

1、Open the one-key pass and pull out the locking plate flat.

2、the patient sits on the restraint chair, back against the back of the chair, buttocks sitting chair surface at least greater than half.

3、Locking plate is inserted parallel into the armrest of the restraint chair, and the locking plate is adjusted according to the patient's body type.

4、Bilateral keystone locks are fixed and locked by aligning the lock holes on the armrests in the corresponding positions.

5、According to the patient's body type and the distance between the chest and abdomen to adjust the distance between the inner side of the lock plate and the patient's chest and abdomen, to maintain the distance of one fist is appropriate.

6、If the inner most locking hole of the locking plate is fixed after the locking plate, the inner side of the locking plate and the patient's chest and abdomen is greater than a fist, then you need to consider using the wheelchair seat belt to strengthen the restriction of the patient's range of motion.

7、according to the medical advice to stop the restraint care, then you need to open a keystone at the same time bilaterally to remove the locking plate, the patient out of the restraint chair.

Note: The restraint chair is not suitable for agitated patients.

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