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Magnetism controls the function which ties a belt approximately

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Magnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyIs substitute commodity which the tradition medical ties a belt approximately, usually also said that magnetism buckles ties a belt approximately or magnetism attracts ties a belt approximately. It is mainly suitable for the psychopath, in epilepsy state, the alcoholic intoxication consciousness barrier, abstains drug dependence controlling, the bodily barrier spontaneous sporter, the dry strongly fragrant mania, the surgery anesthesia. , adopts compulsorily to this category of patient, limits its behavior activity the protective measures, the traditionTies a belt approximatelyGenerally is composed of the rough cast cotton material or the rope, carries on the bundling-like restraint to the patient, this kind of restraint easy to work loose, to create the patient not to coordinate.

Magnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyIs made by the entire woven cottons ties a belt approximately, safeguards the pad, magnetism controls the lock assembly to be composed. Has the torso and the body two kinds, may act according to the patient own situation selection freedom to mix use. Body magnetism controls ties a belt approximately while active constraint, the patient also has certain activity space. The use body posture has stands with the decubitus 2 kinds, stands position magnetism to control ties a belt is suitable for the temporary restraint, the liquor harnesses, consciousness not clear, is also the police service worker's standing-by tool temporarily approximately. DecubitusMagnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyIs suitable in the cognition barrier, the bodily function barrier patient, the guarding against mishap cupping, the self-inflicted injury, he injuries and so on behavior occurrences;The torso ties a belt approximatelyIs to the patient body's biggest restraint, has the use built-in needle, the guardianship meter, the medical service instrumentation equipment in view of the patient and so on needs to restrain body's patient, like uses torso's class magnetism to control only ties a belt approximately, the patient uses in the process to be possible to raise the bed, the turning over, the extension side and so on, enables the patient four limbs functionality body posture to obtain the safeguarding. Is on the other hand one section advanced, user-friendly, the scientific style, the safetyMagnetism controls ties a belt approximately

At presentThe medical magnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyThe domestic only production in the Guangdong Dongguan, the Dongguan Mongolia peaceful nursing thing Limited company hasMagnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyWithMagnetism controls the lockPatent.

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