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Magnetism controls ties a belt approximately the use target and the matters needing attention

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Magnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyUse target:

Magnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyThrough rightThe patient body or organism certain spot's limit, carries on the restraint to its behavior activity, achieves safeguards the patient as well as other people with the financial safety, guarantees the treatment the effect. Using the target is prevents the neurology department or as well as other high fevers, the delirium, the stupor, moves restlessly and the seriously injured patient, because of weak, consciousness unclear or other reasons occurs falls the bed, damages, scratches and so on accidents, guarantees the patient securely simultaneously to guarantee the treatment, nursing work smooth advance. Similarly is suitable for the place to give up drug taking, the Judicial organ, the welfare home and so on needs to carry on the restraint in the situation to use, the structure is reliable, the easy to operate, the specialist checks magnetism to control the lock to be possible to avoid the non-authorized officers opening.

Magnetism controls ties a belt approximatelyMatters needing attention:

1st, before the use, lets the patient complete psychological nursing, interpreted ties a belt approximately related knowledge.

2nd, ties a belt approximately when the short-term use, the use causes the patient body to be in the function position.

3rd, although the Mongolian peaceful magnetism controls the restraint to have the liner, but uses time must the loose and tight be suitable. The notice continuous observation (every 15 minutes observe at least one time) restrain the spot the skin color, the temperature, the activity and the feeling. Ties a belt approximately must fixed time the loose solution, every 2 hours relax one time, the medicine|Studies when the education network collection and collation necessity carries on the local massage.

4th, carries on the detailed record to the patient service condition, like use reason, time, spot, observed result, contact confinement time and so on.

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