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Medical A-001-01/02 Restraint gloves for mental patient senile dementia

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UEX, unplanned extubation, also known as accidental extubation, refers to all kinds of catheters that patients need to stay in their bodies for treatment. Without the consent of medical personnel, patients remove the catheters themselves, or the catheters fall off due to other reasons.

There are many reasons for accidental extubation. From the patient's point of view, the patient's consciousness is not clear, age, psychology, pain stress, lack of effective body restraint, etc., and from the medical point of view, lack of effective catheter fixation, improper nursing operation, insufficient nursing staff, lack of awareness of extubation assessment, etc.

Therefore, prevention of accidental extubation has always been the goal of nursing staff.

Dongguan mengtai nursing supplies co., ltd has been working hard to continuously improve its research and development, only to provide professional high-quality nursing appliances capable of solving nursing problems in order to meet the needs of clinical nursing.

Medical hand fixer ( corrugated gloves ), anti-pulling tube care appliance, using high elastic mesh cloth, has air permeability, moisture resistance, friction resistance, chlorine resistance and other properties.

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