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Medical Air Mesh Restraint gloves restrict patient action

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In the face of extubation troubles, what you lack is it ——  Restraint gloves.

According to the literature, the fatality rate of patients who need to be replaced after unplanned extubation is as high as 25 %. The so-called unplanned extubation, also known as accidental extubation, will prolong the hospital stay and even lead to death if it is found not to be handled in time.

In view of the common occurrence of this phenomenon, the small editor had to introduce this kind of binding glove in particular.

[ Exclusive Design ]: The five fingers are separated in the functional position, the back of the hand is designed with double layers, the inner layer is ventilated and transparent, the outer layer can be opened and closed or removed as required, and it is combined with the magnetic control lock.

[ Scope of Application ]: It is used to prevent temporary fixation of hand tissue injury, promote blood circulation and prevent unplanned withdrawal of therapeutic pipelines.

With the unique design of magnetic clasp, it is easy to use, and Monterey care starts with every little detail ~

MengTai  Reminder: If the patient is uncomfortable, the tightness of the restraint gloves can be adjusted in time and should not be too tight.

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