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Medical Anti-Pressure Sore Mattress


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  • C-021-02

  • MengTai

  • Size: 190*90*12CM

Product Description

Medical Anti-Pressure Sore Mattress

 Number: C-021-02

1900*900*120MM(size can be customised according to needs)


Four-side elastic waterproof breathable fabric, polymer polyurethane sponge, YKK zip


Scope of application: Suitable for mild to moderate decubitus ulcer risk, for the anti-decubitus air mattress bed upgraded replacement products, or a good choice for healthy people to ensure comfortable sleep.

Applicable people: consciousness disorder, hemiplegia, coma, long-term bedridden patients and ICU, orthopaedic patients, the elderly.

Product features and performance:

1, does not require power, no noise, no air leakage, no dizzy feeling, no maintenance and other events, without debugging and installation, can be used immediately, sleep and rest more secure!

2, by the four-side elastic waterproof breathable jacket, polymer polyurethane sponge composition, the material are third-party test report.

3, high specification polyurethane foam mattress that meets the requirements of the 2014 edition of the International Decubitus Sore Prevention and Treatment Guidelines, the design structure is in line with the natural curvature of the spine ergonomics, which can effectively disperse the pressure, ensure the normal flow of blood, effectively prevent the emergence of decubitus ulcers due to the prolonged pressure on the local organisations, reduce the frequency of turning over, and prolong the time of turning over.

3.1 Adopt high-density, high elasticity urethane sponge, dual-use design for front and back.

3.2. The front side adopts different sizes of cubes according to different areas of human body's stress, and its grid design structure effectively absorbs and disperses the pressure, and the gap between cubes is conducive to the flow of air exchange, which ensures that the mattress is ventilated and breathable, keeps the patient's body dry, and effectively slows down and prevents the occurrence of bedsores.

3.3, the back of the triangular groove design, the bed to adjust the angle of the bed head more closely to the bed, the back can also be used as an ordinary pressure-reducing mattress.

4, four elastic waterproof and breathable jacket, the fabric imitates the human skin design, with waterproof, stain-resistant, breathable, anti-bacterial and flame retardant technology, smooth and tensile, can conform to the decompression cushion dispersal of pressure and friction, and easy for the user to move.

4.1 The bottom surface of the jacket is non-slip, thickened and wear-resistant material to reduce the risk of wear and tear that may be caused by the bed board.

4.2 The jacket has a white inner layer, which is easy to use for auditing and allows stains to be easily detected.

4.3 The jacket can be disassembled and washed, can be washed in water, machine washable, can be soaked in disinfectant towel wipe disinfection, can also be adopted UV irradiation or ozone disinfection for easy cleaning.

5, applicable to standard beds, but also according to the special beds can be customised to the required size, and can be bent arbitrarily to adapt to the required body position.

6, YKK zip for the stranded chain non-slip design, full-length invisible, but also to prevent the pad core by the risk of liquid contamination, double-open and double-close function, high temperature third-party test report.

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