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Medical belt magnetism Controls

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" Restraint" is often used in the medical field to maintain patient safety and prevent accidents, but when it comes to " restraint", a series of questions come to mind to resist why I want to restrict my freedom. Why should I be restrained?

Restraint is not good, but will it be different to look at the problem from another perspective? Think about it, is it not good to protect the mentally ill?

Of course not, for the mentally ill, their temperament will not be controlled and there will be the possibility of accidents such as self-injury or his injury. At this time, they will be subject to protective restraint, not to hurt or restrict him, but to protect him, which we call " protective restraint".

We can't say that " restraint" is a bad behavior. If restraint is for harm, it is not good, but when its purpose is to protect, can we re-evaluate its nature? Just like many nursing appliances, they are restrained by protection, not by restraint.

Protective constraints are intended to protect.

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