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MengTai Magnetic Restraint Belt: A Humanized Product That Provides Dual Protection for Patients And Healthcare Providers

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In the care of psychiatric patients, how can we effectively restrain patient behavior and ensure patient safety while avoiding potential threats to healthcare professionals? has been a challenge for the industry. Since 2012, under the leadership of founder Chen Renying, the MengTai team has been committed to solving this problem. After nearly two years of painstaking research and development, we have finally successfully launched the double-patented "MengTai Magnetic Restraint Belt", which is now widely used in more than 3,000 medical, drug rehabilitation, public security and other units and organizations.

With the safety of patients and medical staff as the primary consideration, the MengTai magnetic restraint belt is made of a combination of high-quality cotton webbing and cotton fibers, which not only ensures the durability of the product, but also takes into account the comfort of the product. This restraining belt is able to withstand a static tensile force of up to 4000N, which ensures that it will not break during use due to excessive tension. At the same time, our products are designed with softness in mind, striving to reduce discomfort to the patient while safeguarding the restraining effect.

It is worth mentioning that the MengTai magnetic restraint belt has a special lamb's wool design in the part of the webbing that restrains the patient. This humanized design not only effectively reduces the harm that may be caused by excessive pulling of the patient, but also allows the patient to feel the care and warmth from the medical staff in the process of receiving treatment.

In addition, MengTai magnetic control restraint belt also has the advantages of easy operation and easy cleaning. Medical personnel can quickly master the use of the method, easy to deal with a variety of emergencies. At the same time, the cleaning and maintenance of the product is also very convenient, effectively reducing the management costs of medical institutions.

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