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MengTai Medical Grade Restraint Immobilization Gloves for Comfort in Protective Restraints

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MengTai Restraint Gloves are suitable for people:

-Elderly people with fuzzy consciousness

-Postoperative mild agitation patients

-Consciousness disorder and mental abnormality patients

Restraint Gloves

National patent, Medical care:

Applicable symptoms: home, nursing homes, geriatrics, rehabilitation hospitals, mild agitation patients; gastric tube, urinary catheter, oxygen tube and other pipeline treatment patients; skin itching to prevent scratching the skin patients, to prevent the occurrence of unplanned extraction.

①Breathable heat dissipation

② comfortable and skin-friendly

③Firm and durable

④Quality assurance

⑤Medical grade

⑥National Patent

Strong stretch mesh fabric:

Fingers can be properly moved to avoid skin damage, the material is light, breathable and skin-friendly easy to observe, the material is light, breathable and skin-friendly.

Strong stretch mesh fabric

Lambswool decompression cushion:

Lambswool cushion at the wrist area to avoid localized skin damage caused by the pressure of the straps.

Lambswool decompression cushion

Built-in EVA substrate:

Restraint gloves contain EVA substrate, which can effectively support, prevent scratching and self-injury, better cover the gripping function, and protect the skin of the patient's hand.

Built-in EVA substrate

Velcro straps with three layers of fixation:

The wrist fixation is equipped with Velcro and extended straps, which play the effect of three-layer fixation, allowing patients to have a certain amount of space to move their elbows, which is conducive to rehabilitation.

Complete medical qualification:

With a class I medical device production record, Montel has served nearly 5,000 hospitals and 200 nursing homes over the past 11 years.

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