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MengTai Nursing: Creating A Humanized Extremity Restraining Belt for Geriatric Specialties

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In the daily nursing work of geriatric specialties, protective restraint is an important nursing measure in the face of delirious and agitated elderly patients. In order to ensure the safety of patients and at the same time improve their comfort, Montel Nursing, after careful research and development, has launched a variety of humanized limb restraints, of which the D-006-01 model restraints are specially designed for geriatric specialties, with a number of unique features to provide patients with safety and comfort.

1. Easy to put on, velcro buckle design

D-006-01 restraint belt adopts the combination of Velcro and buckle design, which makes the restraining process easier and faster. Caregivers can easily put on the restraining belt for double protection. At the same time, this design also allows nursing staff to observe the patient's skin condition at any time without the need to release the long strap, ensuring patient safety.

Limb restraint strap

2. SP webbing, appropriate length

The restraining belt is made of strong and sturdy SP webbing with sufficient length to easily secure the patient's limbs to the bed and chair. Nursing staff can flexibly adjust the tightness of the straps according to the patient's restraint situation to ensure patient comfort and safety.

Limb restraint strap

3. Cotton fabric with built-in fiber pads

The D-006-01 restraint belt is made of comfortable and breathable cotton fabric, which is soft to the skin and provides a pleasant experience for patients. In the area of contact with the skin, we have also added a fiber cushion to effectively reduce the discomfort brought by the restraint to ensure that the patient can also enjoy the intimate care while receiving treatment.

Limb restraint strap

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