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MengTai Nursing: Innovative Safe Restraint Clothing To Guard Mental Health

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MengTai Nursing has always been committed to providing high quality nursing products for the mental health field. Today, we would like to introduce to you two types of restraint Clothing developed by MengTai - the cloth restraint Clothing and the magnetic control restraint garment. Both products are patented by a team of nurses and are designed to help psychiatric patients stay safe during walking, medical checkups and daily activities, while reducing the workload of nursing staff.

Fabric Cloth Restraint Clothing: comfort and safety coexist

Fabric Cloth restraints are made of soft, breathable fabrics to ensure patient comfort while wearing them. It is designed to limit the patient's range of motion while maintaining enough flexibility to allow the patient to move freely when necessary. Not only is this restraint garment easy to clean and maintain, but it also has good durability, providing an affordable solution for healthcare organizations.

Fabric Cloth Restraint Clothing

Magnetic Control Restraint Clothing: Escort of smart technology

The Magnetic Control Restraint Clothing incorporates magnetic technology, which allows for quick adjustments and fastening through a magnetic lock. This innovative design makes it easier for caregivers to put on and adjust the restraints