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MengTai Nursing Wrist Restraint: A Professional And Safe Care Solution for Mental Health Centers

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Today we introduce you to the D-007 Wrist Restraint Belt manufactured by MengTai Nursing. This restraint is designed to limit the range of motion of the upper extremities, protect unconscious bedridden patients from falling out of bed, and prevent cognitively impaired delirious and agitated patients from injuring themselves or others.

The features of D-007 wrist restraint belt are as follows:

1、Double-layer cotton fabric, comfortable and breathable: made of double-layer twill cotton fabric, the material is skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable, which can better protect the skin of patients and reduce the discomfort caused by wearing for a long time.

2, hollow live knot, 3 seconds restraint: specially designed hollow live knot, easy to fix the strap through the fixed, only 3 seconds to complete the protective wrist restraint, fast and safe.

3、Extended straps, convenient fixation: the total length of the fixation straps is 200cm, designed from thick to thin, it can be easily fixed on the non-movable bed edge according to the actual demand, ensuring the safety of patients.

4、Wear-resistant and pull-resistant, not easy to slip off: twill fabric material fixing belt has strong firmness, easy to tie knots and not easy to slip off, effectively preventing patients from breaking and falling off due to grinding and pulling and tearing.

5、 complete qualification, service guarantee: the product has a class I medical device production record, over the past 11 years to serve nearly 5,000 hospitals and 200 elderly institutions, product quality and after-sales service are strictly guaranteed.

MengTai Nursing is always committed to providing high quality care products and services to healthcare organizations. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you.

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