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Mongolia extreme nurses high back adjustable old person the chair (H-010-01) the Manufacturer

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Mongolia extreme nurses slightly arranges in here introduced that one kind of old person the chair (H-010-01), he not only has ordinary medical old person chair's characteristic, but also has wheelchair's function. Suits in the hospital use, also makes family home generally. The hospital universal use in old person the branch, the recovery branch, the social welfare organization in the old folks home, the home for the elderly and so on is quite common, may also push the chair use as the home wheelchair.


This section of old person the chair lignin use's oak bakelite, the oak bakelite calls the hard weed-tree, becomes a useful adult the time is 15-25 year, degree of hardness is moderate, is the most new kind of modern furniture plate. Makes chair's structure with it, big enhancement its service life and fixed performance; Cushion use skin material, not only the reduced friction, artistic at the same time also reduced the nursing work; The pillow spot and the front table is may disassemble, facilitates the different situation the patient uses the custom; The table in does not use in the situation can also hang on the following two clasps, is user-friendly, regarding the patient or the nursing staffs, the convenience which gave is a cinch naturally.

Old person chair (H-010-01)Unique feature:

1st, used has been possible 360 revolving and the fixed pulley, this kind of pulley 360 degrees rotations were agile, even if the nursing staffs left time the patient did not use the worry.

2nd, on pulley's attachment system's fixed function is reliable, after fixed, wanted to move the estimate also expenditure tremendous strength to be able to let it move is so little.

3rd, the chair back has added on the user-friendly throwout lever, this is also considers nursing with patient's between coordinated. The patient uses the comfort level, will lead naturally also nursing staffs' mood, the mood has been good, the patient has had ease of mind, defect nature on good was quick.

4th, the back pad design conforms to the human body radian, is more comfortable.

Old person chair (H-010-01) specification:

Sits high: 43CM

Sits the width: 54CM

Sits the depth: 43CM

Back depth: 85CM

Overall width: 64CM

800X800 H-010-01

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