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Neck Pillow U -shape for reducing pressure

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Use of U - shaped pillow:

1 ) U - shaped pillow is suitable for daily office and leisure ( e.g. computer operation, TV watching and long-distance travel, etc. );

2 ) The U - shaped pillow can also be used for office cushions and naps, and the head and neck of daily office can be kept fixed for a long time, which is easy to cause spinal strain. Using the U - shaped pillow head can effectively prevent spinal strain.

3 ) U - shaped pillow is a good choice for drivers who are suitable for long-distance driving. It can adjust the driver's head by 15 - 20 degrees, avoid jugular vein compression, relieve fatigue and facilitate safe driving.

Size: 88 * 40 * 7 / 12

Material characteristics:

With slow rebound memory sponge, the jacket is made of thick velvet fabric composed of 70 % cotton and 30 % polyester. It feels smooth and comfortable, is not easy to deform, and has strong moisture absorption and perspiration.

Product function:

1 ) Support, correct and balance the cervical spine under reduced pressure to achieve the effect of reduced pressure;

2 ) to correct the leaning shoulder, extending the head, slanting head and hunchback.

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