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Nursing Knowledge Sharing丨Home Care for The Elderly, This Knowledge Must Know!

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As the saying goes, “there is an old man in the family, such as a treasure”, but how to take good care of this “treasure”, there is a lot to learn.

As we get older, the decline in physical function, there will always be more or less small problems. Proper care of the elderly can significantly improve their quality of life and health.

How to prevent bedsores in bedridden elderly?

Decubitus ulcers are caused by long-term pressure on the local tissues, resulting in persistent hypoxia, ischemia and malnutrition leading to tissue ulceration and necrosis, which is a common complication for many long-term bedridden patients.

The main preventive measure for bedridden elderly to prevent bedsores (pressure sores) is to turn over frequently to avoid prolonged pressure on a certain part of the body. Turn over about once every two hours, and be careful not to pull or tug when turning over; a turning angle of 30 degrees is sufficient. In order to reduce the pressure of nursing care, caregivers can use multi-functional turning device, turning pillow or anti-pressure sore mattress and other aids to prevent bedsore care for the elderly.

In the process of turning the elderly, you can massage the back, with alcohol and some warm water to wipe your hands, after using the size of the fish in the back along the spine to do circular massage.

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