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Patient wheelchair use process

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The wheelchair uses in shipping cannot walk the patient who or other reasons move about with difficulty. In the hospital or the home nursing, how should we guarantee the patient to carry on the transfer, the patient wheelchair use process for example:

1st, pushes the wheelchair to the bed nearby, chairback and tail block even uneven, face head.

2nd, holds the patient to sit up, puts on the coat, puts on shoes, next.

3rd, pulls up nearby the both sides arm rest's vehicle brake, by fixed wheelchair; Does not have the vehicle brake, the nurse stands behind the wheelchair, the fixed wheelchair, enjoins the patient to hold wheelchair's arm rest, as far as possible after sits, not or gets out voluntarily to the anteversion body, in order to avoid tumbles.

4th, turns over the footboard, treads the foot for the patient.

5th, in pushes in the process which the wheelchair marches forward to note the safety, holds the comfortable seat. When cart downhill reduces speed the speed, crosses when the threshold turns upwards the front wheel, causes patient's head, the back caster, and enjoins to hold the arm rest, by against has the accident.

6th, notice observation condition.

Mongolia extreme nurses Has is related old person the chair and the energetic faculty chair, the application method is approximately same.

Restrains the chair

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