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Presses the sore pad Manufacturer to tell you, the quotation is not does not have the order form, but has the list to have no way to meet

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Year's end starts from 2016, the titanium oxide powder starts to rise in prices, raw material rises in prices the insane tide has not stopped. in January, 2017, the modified plastics enterprise rises in prices the notice also to look like the disasters not time, but. January rises in prices the tide also to let the human be still shaken, in February new round rises in prices the insane tide further at the plastic circle attack. Let many industry in the friend fell into the deep contradiction: in 2017 has the order form, but has does not dare to meet only!!!

According to each kind of report and understanding, not only the above raw material, is various trades and occupations raw material is rising, for example we hoodwink peacefully nurse the most typical pressure sore to nurse the pad, my Si Yachuang nurses the medical high rank, the high density sponge which the pad has been uses, the original cost is bigger than the same profession related product, this 2016 year's end do not rise in prices the tide, the sponge increase scope achieve 40%, takes a pressure sore pad Manufacturer, for many years has accumulated the client many, under supply chain unusual long, will rise in prices to the product half could not be justified as if for a while, is retailed the agents to accept very difficultly, presses the sore pad general volume to be also big,After packing leaves the plant the transport expense cost has also stayed at a high level. Produces goods without the advantage is only to safeguard some old clients, the new client really has the state which does not dare to meet only.

Raw material upstream grasps in the international giant, presses the sore pad Manufacturer is clamps in among, the profit space is not much left. If cannot extend upwardly grasps raw material and even the product of chemical industry, is very difficult to participate in the international competition. Hoped that the more pressure sore pad Manufacturer can know the more core science and technology, strengthens own competitive power, has the market which the competitive power product wins to be able to have the profit, the support enterprise's long-term development.

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