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Section Chief Li Hua goes to in 2017 Guangdong Province to nurse the administrative cadre training class Mongolia peaceful nursing location

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2017 year Guangdong Province nurses the administrative cadre and the entire province nursing control key point work training class the first date begins ahead of time. This afternoon, Guangdong Province People's Hospital nature controls branch Section Chief Li Hua to rush to the Dongguan Mongolia peaceful nursing thing Limited company location specially.

Guangdong Province People's Hospital is one of Guangdong Province biggest General hospitals, takes the country"High quality nurse service inspection outstanding unit ", “National Clinical Nursing Specialized Key Faculty”, nation"The nurse controls the experiment site hospital ", its nursing management level, the nursing supervisory service, the nursing quality control has the rich experience, is in the leading position in the nursing profession. The nature controls the branch

Today, Section Chief Li Hua unfolds mainly inspects me to take charge of the participation product situation. Takes charge to me draws close to the clinical nursing apparatus is the appreciation greatly. Cooperates the development 2 section of proprietary product the special attention to the hospital with Our company: The ice hat coat, the stomach makes the fistula attachment system. Have made some narrations to its promotion and the clinical practice situation, simultaneously has provided some rational recommendation.

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       The stomach makes fistula attachment system .pngIce hat coat .png

This issue trained the time also to mark the complete period to today, the training class conference revolved “the health and the healthy conference” the spirit, closely regarding the national health and the health work policy, the nursing development related policy, in health China and under the hygienic strong province background, held the nursing development opportunity, planned nursing to develop the new pattern, enhancement nursing integrates national and the socio-economic development sense of responsibility, the sense of mission, the promotion nursing specialized value and the responsibility, promoted nursing and the medical service, the health and healthy domain many specialized cooperations, established based on the value high quality medical care services structure, added the speed defect to look after with the long-term nurse service system construction, in 2017 our province nursed the workDirection, key and connotation, carries on the thorough study and the research. Will indicate the direction to the Mongolian peaceful nursing nursing thing production research and development, the Mongolian peaceful nursing will read the cadre to control the construction thought carefully, set up the community responsibility and the sense of mission, the promotion product quality, the enhancement product performance, established the more perfect engineering research system, insisted that innovated, the production researches and develops the more high branch products, for the enhancement nursing product quality, the impetus nursing control enterprise's progress makes more endeavors.

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