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Security constraint vest's application method

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In neurology department's clinical work, has seriously frequently moves restlessly excitedly, offends somebody, damages the thing, to treats the psychopath who nursing does not cooperate; Because or the encephalitis, the brain flesh wound result's stupor moves restlessly the restless patient. To this category of patient, must adopt the protection restraint, but the four limbs tie a belt approximately are only good to the decubitus effect, is bad to the body restraint effect, because the body activity is big, easy to create the skin to abrade or to affect the body end blood circulation, has the adverse effect to the venipuncture. In order to guarantee that patient's safety and quality nursing smooth advance, does not have the damage by the function, reduces the patient pain, the guest takes the four limbs to tie a belt approximately apparatus' insufficiency, prevents the patient to occur falls the bed, the abrasion, scratches and so on accidents, thus presents one kind to cause the patient comfortably, the replacement body posture convenienceSecurity constraint vest. Mongolia extreme nurses slightly arrangesSecurity constraint vestThe application method as well as the matters needing attention do following introduced:

1st, horizontal, must select the measurement appropriate restraint vest certainly, in clothing's time elastics moderately, take can hold a palm as suitably.

2nd, lies on one's side, does lies on one's side restrains, the restraint from now on will probably enable the patient to do transfers the side movement, adopts has the limit restraint.

3rd, partly sits lies, half seat, leaves leeway certain space similarly, so that the patient can turn around.

Before using the security constraint vest, must guarantee the button, the scallop as well as various fittings does not have the breakage; Uses security constraint vest period, the bandage stationary position is in certainly the fixed bed frame, but non-activity's positions and so on bed field, make the first slipknot on the bed frame to do buffer some, must become a straight line with the patient flat arch; The fixed knot selection does not move the place in the patient; UseSecurity constraint vestAfterward, must leave leeway certain space while active constraint patient's, cannot affect the breath blood circulation. Enables the patient to transfer the side, raises the bed to be prime.

UseSecurity constraint vest, the patient may different place the four limbs according to the body posture by holds the function position as far as possible at will, like when side decubitus the upper limb may be familiar with according to the patient puts at will in the front, fat, the lower limb flexure and so on quite comfortable body posture, can also the fixed patient's body, assure patient's safety well.  

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