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Swallows the difficult crowd the best companion - thickening agent

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In organizations and so on hospital and recover center, the partial patients must recover independently after the port feed, but as a result of disease reason, the patient exists swallows the function barrier and attracts by mistake, chokes coughs the risk, then needs to adjust in accordance with the situation after the port food's character,Thickening agentMay satisfy this demand.

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First, swallows the malnutrition formation rate which the barrier causes

The Shanghai old age patient swallows the barrier and the nutrition risk and the daily energy relations research indicated that this totally leads: Not swallows the barrier 12.6%, swallows the barrier patient to reach 20%.

Swallows barrier malnutrition .jpg

The findings detected that has swallows the barrier the senior citizen its malnutrition formation rate to be higher than the normal person, and will swallow the function barrier to cause the hemoglobin, the albumin, the power of gripping, daily life ability, the upper arm to encircle with the calf encircles obviously reduces.

Thickening agent merit

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Thickening agent application method

May thickening agent increase inward flow nature food, food stickiness according to own like the assurance,The specific application method is as follows:

Thickening agent application method .jpg

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