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The Dongguan Factory supply medical ties a belt approximately the senile dementia restraint vest

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The senile dementia sickness will become defective slow or the concealment, the patient will appear usually Memory barrier , the aphasia, the apraxia, lose recognize, regard the spatial skill harm, execute characteristics and so on function barrier as well as personality and behavior change. Presents the cognition function to drop, energetic symptom and behavior barrier, daily life ability drops gradually. The senile dementia sickness patient as well as other had the serious cognition barrier or (and) have the bodily function barrier patient to use the medical service instrumentation equipment to be pleased in the electricity guardianship meter, the blood vessel leave alone the needle and so on easily to present the cupping, the self-inflicted injury, he injury and so on behaviors, clinical with restrained the vest to give the protection restraint usually to the senile dementia patient.

Dongguan Factory supply medical restraint vest: Product D-001-01 (Safety vest) uses in patient's torso restraint, mainly uses in preventing the patient to set out or to fall the bed. Two kind of colors, respectively be the score and the green, the men and women act according to the selection to be general. The pink color has the child funds, after this section of restraint vest most major characteristic is the restraint, the patient will also have certain activity, restraint at the same time may use the commonly used turning over block and so on to nurse the apparatus.

Dongguan Factory supply medical restraint vestUses the strong stretching resistance double-decked to thicken the design which the purified cotton cotton material, around two puts on, adopts after the moving restlessly patient puts on the model, may avoid untying voluntarily works loose living which and so on situations send; The stress spot widens thickens comfortably, reliable; 1.5 meter ultra long wings (waistband) may adjust the bandage length, the check ties up in bed frame's loose allowance, enabled the patient to be possible to turn over freely, has avoided the blood circulation barrier, caused the local skin to have the injury dropsy phenomenon.Causes the restraint user-friendly.

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