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The Mongolian Peaceful Company enters Dongguan to be often even the hospital care training class

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Is been often even Dongguan hospital care department Director Chen to invite, is often even in November 26, 2016 in Dongguan the hospital uropoiesis surgical department conference room, holds the Dongguan Mongolia peaceful nursing thing Limited company's product knowledge and the clinical operation use.

Participates in the personnel: Entire hospital various branches head nurse, nursing department all teacher.

Before the conference starts, I take charge of the sales personnels arrive at the conference room ahead of time, everybody rational division of labor, arranges the scene carefully, and places when conference teaching needs nursing thing.

After fellow head nurses take a seat in abundance, was often even hospital care department Director Chen to do for the conference delivered a speech.

I take charge of high-level sales manager Li Lin Fengzheng makes the product knowledge explanation

I take charge of pairs manager is carrying on the product clinical operation demonstration

After the lecture had ended, Director Chen does for the conference finally summarizes.

Before this conference, nursing department each teacher has given the enormous support dynamics to Our company. When the conference carries on, various branches head nurse has given the extremely high authorization to Our company's product, in the positive participation product's use and the discussion enthusiastically, the conference site atmosphere is active, various branches head nurse put forward very many precious proposals in view of Our company's product! The conference finished in the very perfect atmosphere.

Thanks in this in meeting all teachers works the global support to Our company and the coordination!

Is also willing to have more teachers to exchange with Our company, to study mutually.

Our company devotes to the specialized nursing good helper who becomes clinical nursing                

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