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The Mongolian peaceful nursing advertizes for the officer, electronic commerce, the sales personnels, the guest takes and so on multi-post talented person

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In the Mongolian peaceful nursing massive talented person employment advertize, welcome you joined!

Position: Marketing majordomo

1st,Has the good professional personal integrity, well-behaved, the overall quality is high;

2nd,Has above five years the market marketing or the supervisory work experience;

3rd,Can assist general manager to formulate company's developmental strategy, the sales strategy, will work out and organizes to implement the integrated sales program, the leadership team will plan transforms into the sales result;

4th, can carry on the client analysis, the excavation user's needs, develops the new client and the new market domain

5th,Can manage the company significant marketing contract the negotiations and the sign works

6th, writing ability, power of expression;

7th,Has the strong communication ability and the team spirit, the creation and the training team rich experience, the sales result is formerly good;

8th,Has the strong time management ability and job management ability;

9th,Has the very good profession marketing work experience or the profession interpersonal resource first;

Position: Sales manager

Position description:

1st,Is responsible to develop and the development domestic market, develops the new client, adds the product sale scope

2nd,Is responsible for the company product the sale and the promotion;

3rd,Is responsible to develop the market opportunity, to carry on the commerce to negotiate, completes to the goal client attack

4th,Is responsible to sell the team the construction and the supervisory work;

5th,Long-term strategy corporate plan between control safeguarding client relations as well as client.

Assignment qualifications:

1st, above 3 years medical instrument sale profession work experience, achievement prominent first;

2nd, has the strong learning capability and communication ability, good executes ability and strain capacity;

3rd, can bear hardships and stand hard work, has the entrepreneurial spirit; Has the strong team spirit;

4th, reaction agile, power of expression, has the strong communication ability and the human relations skill, has the affinity;

5th, has certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;

6th,Has the sense of responsibility, can withstand the big working pressure.

Position: The guest takes the officer

7th,Technical college above school record;

8th,The standard spoken Chinese standard, the sound delightful, the thought agile, communication ability is good, has the basic telephone etiquette courtesy;

9th,Meets the computer, is skilled to the office software operation;

10th,Has the team spirit, the obedient company controls

Position: Foreign trade special commissioner

1st,The technical college above school record, specialties and so on electronic commerce, computer, English, international trade, above two years electronic commerce and the foreign trade propagate experiences, basic English read-write ability, can the non-barrier browse overseas website;

2nd,Familiar basic,Search engine's and so on Google, Yahoo, Bing principles of work, are familiar with these search engine's place mechanism and the optimized principle; Familiar GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, foreign trade promotion channels and so on LINKEDIN first;

3rd,Handles responsibly operates the Ali international station backend, the product released anxiously, product details page manufacture and place optimization,

4th,Handles the company independent foreign trade website, the content, the structure and search engine's optimized work, in holds stands all content update and the optimization, in the chain, outside the chain analysis and the release, promotes the website the current capacity and so on;

5th,Meets the foreign trade website to develop the maker first.

6th,Familiar applicationPicture editor softwares and so on PhotoShop, CoreDraw, the use list counter-camera makes the product picture.

Position: Sells the officer

1st,The computer operation is skilled, will utilizeOffice softwares and so on WORD, EXCEL

2nd,Communication ability, the cooperation is good, reacts nimbly, can bear hardships and stand hard work.

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