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The Mongolian peaceful nursing restraint chair has custom-made the factory supply

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Restrains the chair to have custom-made the factory to remind you: Restrains the chair to change the traditional horizontal-type restraint the sitting restraint, the functionality comfortable sitting posture,Valid reduced restraint revolt degree.Restrained the chair to restrain patient's lower part of the body movement only, the double upper limb had the big free activity, the patient might eat meal in the restraint, eat the fruit, drinks water and takes medicine and so on, but could also implement the infusion treatment. Restrains the chair to be transportable, according to needs to be possible to place in the air fresh place. The horizontal-type restraint was extremely easy to cause the patient and family member's repugnance, the sitting restraint guarantees other people securely to defend patient's dignity, in the certain extent reduced the patient to restrain apparatus' tense fear and so on bad psychological reaction. Because can reduce the bedsore validly the occurrence, as well as the respiratory tract causes impeded falls the multiplicative lungs to infect, avoids the four limbs joint spot restraining causes and so on swelling.

The Mongolian peaceful nursing present is selling has 5 section of old people the chair (to have one section is Hong Kong client designs development with my Si Qili), the product secure, is reliable, is comfortable, convenient. Depth domestic and foreign client welcome and high praise. The exquisite workmanship, requires according to the client to use the lignin material and compositions and so on Pi Liao. A spoon passes the lock, is convenient, the secure specialist control, lets nursing be more secure simply.

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If you have need to restrain the chair to have custom-made the aspect the demand, please have custom-made factory Mongolia peaceful nursing contacting with the restraint chair, the technical expert will explain the related question for you.

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