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The Mongolian peaceful nursing wishes the world person to be Lantern Festival joyful!!!

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The Mongolian peaceful nursing wishes the world person to be Lantern Festival joyful!!!

The spring breeze delivers the warm happy year, in first lunar month 15 another year.

Is decorated with lanterns and colored streamers to celebrate the reunion, the dragon dance awakes the lion to struggle the splendor.

Mongolia is peaceful The nursing wind and rain road, people Qi Li does not say the fatigue.

The life valuable does not dare to forget, the nursing enterprise is more heartless

Your my golden rooster year old, creates hand in hand nurses the fine time passage!

Lantern Festival is China's traditional festival, Lantern Festival as early as had more than 2000 year ago Qin dynasty. The Eastern Han Dynasty Buddhism spreads, to expand in the native place influence by makes false analogies or strained interpretations Tradition Culture Decides as the senate Buddha's auspicious day the Lantern Festival. According to information and Folk custom Fable , in first lunar month 15 already received in the Western Han Dynasty takes seriously, in Martial emperor of Han dynasty first lunar month Xin Ye at fresh-tasting spring water palace sacrificial offering “too one” activity, (too one: Control universe all gods), are regarded as by the posterity in the first lunar month 15 sacrificial offering deities the harbinger.

Lantern Festival, the original intention is “the lantern festival evening”, because in the first lunar month 15 “the lantern festival” the major activity is the evening eats the sweet dumplings to enjoy looking at the moon, afterward the holiday name evolution was “the Lantern Festival”. Night of the Lantern Festival, the main street and small alley are decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, the people enjoy the lamp, plays lantern-riddles, eats the Lantern Festival, from Lunar New Year's Eve Starts the celebration which continues to push to another high tide, becomes the generation along custom. Lantern Festival when the early festival celebrates the forming process, said only on first lunar month 15, the middle of month or the fifteenth day, Sui will later call the evening of the lantern festival or the evening of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Tang Chushou Taoism influence, also calls the first fullmoon, Tang Mo only then occasionally calls the Lantern Festival. But later also will call the evening of the lantern festival from Song. To the Qing Dynasty, in addition has called Lantern Festival. In overseas, Lantern Festival also by The Lantern Festival, but the manner knows.

About Mongolia is peaceful :

Mongolia is peaceful Is authorizes the establishment by food Drugs Surveillance Administrative bureau, the set research and development, the production, the sale is a body's medical instrument Production enterprise. Dedicates in the medical care thing, the specialized production ties a belt approximately for 10 years. Is domestic first research and development manufacture magnetism controls ties a belt approximately the Manufacturer, belongs to the domestic only proprietary product, the fill domestic gap market.
Mongolia is peaceful Main business product: Magnetism controls ties a belt medically approximately, ties a belt approximately, restrains the glove, the static against pressure sore mattress, nurses the pad, the surgery body posture pad, the heel pad, against foot sagging equipment maintenance, old person the chair, each category of medical thing, simultaneously may have custom-made each category of product.
Mongolia is peaceful Product best-selling in domestic and foreign each big hospital (neurology department, department of neurology, old age branch, ICU, ER, radiology, department of pediatrics, gynecology department, reshaping branch); Place to give up drug taking; Judicial organ; Jail; Old folks home; Social welfare organization; Pharmacy; Home nursing and so on.

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