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The bedsore (presses 4 big reasons which sore) occurs

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The prevention bedsore (presses sore) is a clinical nursing very important work, must first (press 4 big reasons to the bedsore which sore) occurs to carry on understood:

1. patient body local long-term bearing, the long time has not changed the body posture, causes the blood circulation barrier, then has the organization malnutrition. The bedsore (presses sore) after not correctly partly to sit common the decubitus or the seat, the paralysis, the stupor, infirm, become emaciated, dropsy and the surgery cannot move the body posture.

2. patient skins receive the physical factor frequently the stimulation, for example: Moist, friction and so on. (massive sweat, feces and urine incontinence, secretion, vomitus, clothes not smooth, bed sheet corrugation has when detritus, turning over hauls, use escapes paint bedpan and so on), may cause the skin cuticle to suffer injury. The resistivity reduces.

3. apparatus use improper, like the plaster bandage, the clamping plank, the liner, the apparatus use loose and tight is ill, cause local organization blood circulation barrier.

4. patient pantatrophia, the local organization blood supply insufficiency, prevents disease ability to reduce these also to be able to cause the bedsore (presses sore) the occurrence, like has a fever for a long time and patients and so on cachexia.

Mongolian peaceful nursing related product recommendation: Prevents the senior citizen to press sore's body posture pad, the heel pad, the static against pressure sore mattress.


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