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The brain died swallows barrier diet nursing

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The apoplexy patient as a result of its sick body's particularity, presents the feed usuallySwallows the barrier, these patient's diet needs to take seriously especially to nurse, should selects the correct body posture, food character, the feed method in the therapist and under doctor's instruction eats food.

500X350 swallows the barrier

In food selection by density even, coherence suitable, not easy loose, soft food comparison safety. For example Mi Hu, soft rotten food, crumby bread and so on. According to swallows the situation and therapist's recommendation selects the suitable character food, generally first choice pappy food. May also change food character through the thickening agent, reduces sickness to attract the risk by mistake.

In the feed with feeds in the process to need to note the following item:

1) eats food the body posture

①Can sit the patient, eats food as far as possible under the seat.

②Cannot sit the patient, uses at least generally 30° partly sits the decubitus, the forehead slightly anteflexion, swallows by the healthy side. The taboo lies low the position feed.

③Swallows when avoids raiseeing, it is necessary, then instructs the patient to use slightly lowers the head the posture to swallow.

2) checks the feed speed and each feed quantity.

After must urge the patient to swallow each food to finish, carries on next food again the feed, and checks each feed the component, is not suitable excessively many.

3) holds when the feed the conditions is peaceful, avoids the scattered patient attention, avoids when the feed and its conversation.

after 4) dines, is not suitable replaces the body posture immediately and so on, after dining, still needed to hold the posture 30 minutes, after dining, the patient must carry on the clean oral cavity.

Food thickening agent coagulates happy

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